ONM: The 10 Best Pokémon

There may be 493 but not all of them are necessarily helpful when it comes to taking part in battles against other trainers. That's why, with HeartGold/SoulSilver kicking Pokémon off all over again, ONM is giving you their list of the 10 Pokémon you should be trying to catch.

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akashifire3103d ago

Should've had Darkrai :P

blitz06233103d ago

Lugia >>>>> all of those especially in coolness factor

flip-it33103d ago


That was my six back in the day and it still will pwn all those new Pokemon. The original pokemon were the best.

thehitman3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

My squad was
Blastoise > venasuar and charizard (1-2 hit both)
MewTwo > need no explanation
Gengar > sleep DREAM EATER!!!

next 3 I always rotated
Dewgong (loved ice types)
Articuno (if thats how it spelled 4get ><)

I didnt like fire types they are weakest really w/ so many weakness.

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Chuk53103d ago

Where the hell is charizard? Garchomp?

Smacktard3103d ago

Well, seeing as how Charizard is terrible for competitive battling...

But then again, the list has Slaking, Typhlosion, Dunsparce, Steelix and Nidoking, making it the worst list I've ever seen. And I've been on N4G for a LONG time...

smash-brother-103103d ago

The list isnt saying which is their favourite pokemon, its saying which is the best for battling, and also this is based on Heart Gold/Soul Silver, so therefore most people will have Typhlosion instead of a Charizard

Smacktard3103d ago

I know what the list is about, and at this, the list fails. All of the pokemon I mentioned are terrible for competitive battling. Look it up on Smogon.

-MD-3103d ago

Competitive... battling? Oh god.

XabiTheHumble3103d ago

which Pokemon would you recommend?

Smacktard3103d ago

Some guy mentioned it already: everything in the OU tier of Smogon.

Pokemon you can get in-game in HG/SS, before the Elite 4 and without trading? Without thinking too hard: Heracross, Gyarados, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Mamoswine.

aaronisbla3102d ago

Competitive battling in pokemon is serious business. Not even joking, the scene is just like any other metagame scene, like magic the gathering, Street Fighter 4, Tekken, Soul Calibur, etc

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Urmomlol3103d ago

No Snorlax?


Bubble Buddy3103d ago

I KNOW. Snorlax is beast. Teach it odd moves like Rest, Psychic, Surf, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, etc etc etc.

Dsnyder3103d ago

However this list is filled with many flaws.

Blast burn is far better than eruption
Dratini can be caught at the dragons den in johto or that waterfall on the center mountain in diamond
Dunsparce pretty much sucks.
As does slaking due to his ablility.
Arceus is a cheap wild card pokemon,
Steelix has really high defense but low special defense and that is what matters more.
Gengar is too hard to obtain. I generally avoid the "trade evolved" pokemon for this reason.

Dialga should be replaced with arceus because his steel/dragon elements make him resistant to the most attacks.

akashifire3103d ago

Ice Beam or Blizzard will knock it out easily, lol.

XxBarretxX3103d ago

No way Blast Burn is better then Eruption, you have to be on drugs!
Legendaries are dumb!
Starmie>All other water types

My Party


Saps3103d ago

Copy paste OU ladder. Pick 10 random. Better than that list.

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