GamesRadar: Fallout: New Vegas First Look

With New Vegas, Bethesda (and new developer Obsidian) are walking a very smart, if safe, path. It's obvious from the first look at the game that, although the new Mojave Desert wasteland is clearly a brighter place to be than the Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3, the core game has remained very much intact.

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IVYvsTAKI3098d ago

I'm getting this day 1. No questions asked.

Evildoomnerd3098d ago

I'm getting the collectors edition, if available. It would look awesome next to my Vault-Tec lunchbox!

Kingdom Come3098d ago

Already read the article in XBOX World 360 Magazine, can't wait, looks like more of the same. (No Complaints Here)

clintos593094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

I loved fallout 3 & played over 300+ hours. The game is so addicting that I forgot about MW2 & returned it. I hope this is a new fallout. Definitely day one purchase.

Edit: Sweet thanx for the info piratethom, I would give you a bubble but the ps3 wont let me give bubbles. Definitely gonna buy this game. Man im so amped now lol.