Go!GamingGiant's Wiikly WiiWare Wiiview: Bang Attack

From the review:

"Somebody really dropped the ball over at Engine Software when they decided to create Bang Attack, their first foray into the WiiWare market. For whatever reason, they apparently felt that their game should be of the match-3 variety, the only genre that is more popular than traditional card games. Now, don't get me wrong, I rather enjoy a few of these types of games; really, I do. But who takes one look at the hundreds of these games already available-many for free-and thinks that the world needs yet another? Engine Software, that's who!"

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Murgatroyd73103d ago

Meh, I'm starting to miss all of the good games!

RaymondM3103d ago

I'm going to give a thumbs up just by reading the hilariously named game "Bang attack." Anyone else think the name is funny?