Trinity Universe official western website launched

NIS America launched today the new western website for their upcoming JRPG Trinity Universe, scheduled to be launched both in the US and in Europe in June 2010 exclusively on the PS3.

Trinity universe is a crossover JRPG jointly developed by Nippon Ihi Software, Idea Factory and Gust and featuring characters from the Disgaea series and the Atelier series, but sporting a completely original gameplay and combat system.

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masterofpwnage3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

man i love how all these games thats exclusive to only ps3 is also exclusive to japan.
edit yeah your right wth i feel stupid now. i cant beieve i didnt catch that. Is a slow day for me. i remember this only being in japan. or maybe im trippin and thinking of another game.

but still, i still stand my point for the other games haha

Abriael3103d ago

ahem, actually the news are about them opening the *western* website. They are going to release the game both in Europe and the US this June :D

Saeveth3103d ago

I really want to play this. Now if only I can catch up with all the other titles I've missed so I can...

Chadness3103d ago

I'm always cautious when it comes to these mash-up RPGs, but they usually all have at least some redeeming qualities. Going to keep my eye on this one.

Abriael3102d ago

Cross Edge was actually quite fun, and this looks much better graphically, being in full 3D with cel shaded models :D

nefertis3102d ago

I didn't know this game is coming to america D1B for me.

Abriael3102d ago

NIS seems to be full of surprises :D

zerocool33973102d ago

Quite looking forward to this :D

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