IGN: Hysteria Project Review

Hysteria Project reminded IGN right away of the classic FMV games they used to play (and mock) on the SEGA CD, like Night Trap. The loved the first-person view for the horror. However, the narrative loses steam about halfway through the game (some of the choices get repetitive), which is disappointing. Hysteria Project may not feel as fresh now as when it dropped on to the iPhone over a year ago, but at this price, it is worth a look to those that missed it.

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BannedForNineYears3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Never heard of this game TBH. -_-

sinncross3100d ago

its a PSP mini which was originally an Iphone title, so no worries bro.

Looks kinda cool though

zootang3100d ago

I bought it and played it on my ps3, £1.29 you can't complain.

hatchimatchi3100d ago

Yea, not a bad game at all. I'm glad IGN didn't skewer it, it's only a 1.99 and fun for the 15 mins it takes to beat.

NeoBasch3100d ago

This game is really f#cking sh!tty. I'm serious. Get PixelJunk Shooter, instead.