Halo 2 Players Refuse to Leave Xbox Live

Microsoft may have shut down the original Xbox Live, but that hasn't stopped some gamers from keeping their connections alive.

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NateNater3102d ago

27 dedicated remaining Halo 2 players left?

That's pretty funny. Who will be the last one standing? Finish the fight!

bruddahmanmatt3102d ago

Bungie should use this to their advantage. Perhaps a free copy of Reach for the few remaining players.

Government Cheese3102d ago

Haha, gee wiz, that means their Xbox's have been on for over an entire week straight. I hope MS designs the 3rd Xbox like the original one and not the 360 lol. OG Xbox is a beast

BiggCMan3102d ago

could someone send me the link to the stream, cuz i cant find it in this article even though it says its there.

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kissmeimgreek3102d ago

they stopped xbox live so they could support the 360 live with new features they couldnt do with the original.

Noctis Aftermath3102d ago

Here's a link to the live stream:

I think that a few of them are taking turns streaming so the channel might go offline in a few hours.

Hideo_Kojima3101d ago

I wish I had a Xbox so that I could have joined them...

It would be funny to be the last person playing Halo 2 the best multiplayer game on the last and first online generation for consoles.

Millions of people have that game but you and very few others would be the only ones able to play.

No matter what I am joining people like this if they close PSN for PS3 in 10 yeas time :P

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kissmeimgreek3102d ago

haha i just realized theyve probably been playing each other nonstop.

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SpLinT3102d ago

they are obviously mentally ill if they cant let go of a very old game. hopefully this ban will encourage them to see a doctor

qface643102d ago

what you said was very stupid

electricshadow3102d ago

"they are obviously mentally ill if they cant let go of a very old game"

You are the one that is mentally ill. Halo 2 isn't even that old of a game. If you immediately forget older generation games once the new generation comes out, I feel very sad for you. You're not a gamer if this is your mentality.

Mattey3102d ago

people still play counter strike. people still play super smash bros 64. I could go on forever. A good game is a good game. I would have left my Xbox on if I had known it wouldn't get disconnected.

DJ3102d ago

YOU need to go see a doctor.

kasasensei3102d ago

Go and see a doctor, man.... hurry
And stop playing videogame in the same time, because, you just dont deserve it.

ChickeyCantor3101d ago

All above are idiots.
I think you guys meant to say:

Its not about the game itself, rather the community around it that got shut down.

However, Xlinkkai works perfectly for halo2 online.
Not all hope is lost.

REALgamer3101d ago

Halo 2 is the same age as Half-Life 2, and slightly younger than CounterStrike: Source. Yes: Source.

I find it a bit depressing how quickly games are discarded. You still buy DVDs / Blu-Rays for the original Star Wars trilogy, still watch the Alien movies, still watch The Matrix (...not the sequels). And yet games take anywhere from 2-5 years to make, but are considered 'old' from about 2 years after their release.


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