IGN | Does the Halo: Reach Beta Have 'Nades 'n Shotties?

Ryan Geddes writes, The Halo: Reach multiplayer beta hits Xbox Live on May 3, and we've thrown a lot of info your way about what to expect. For the full rundown, check out my hands-on preview of the Reach beta, and my interview with Bungie Multiplayer Design Lead Chris Carney for even more in-depth info.

But that only gets us so far. How long will the beta last? How does it work? Which disk do you need? What's up with those crazy executions and armor abilities? We reached out to the IGN community through Twitter to find out what you wanted to know about the upcoming beta. Here's what you asked, and here are my answers

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Umbrella Corp3192d ago

Im going to be chiefin on the blood of all you Master Chiefs....oh wait this is Reach I MEAN SPARTANS!!!
Hype train is going a billion miles for this towel.
.....Wanna get high?

MSpence5163192d ago

I dislike how there are only certain game types where you can be Elites.

I'm gonna miss my Elite.

Tiberium3192d ago

I'm hoping elites have jetpacks too. I haven't seen ant footage of them flying though.

darkgunner3191d ago

They do have jetpacks. On the GameTrailers vid, in the background you could see an elite flying. The elite jetpacks look a lot cooler.