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The campaign structure of the Left 4 Dead series is tailor made for easily digestible chunks of content. With the latest downloadable content offering, The Passing, Valve has wisely eschewed the story-light trappings of other downloadable releases, instead creating something easy to pick up and play, but with all of the flavor of the retail release, and some long-awaited fan service with the appearance of the original Left 4 Dead's Survivors. Where Left 4 Dead's Crash Course DLC stumbled in retaining the feel and relevance of the main game, The Passing successfully fits in well with Left 4 Dead 2's retail campaigns, and actually makes the existing content a bit more interesting to boot.

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Halo3 MLG Pro3100d ago

Such an awesome franchise. Going to have to get this DLC maybe in a few days. Gaming is really tight right now but I always loved this franchise. I'll squeeze it in somehow.

masterofpwnage3100d ago

this games is so fun. i played it at my friends house. its funny how in survival mode you can take up to like what 20 min just to set up all the bombs but with all the zombie just running around you sometimes just foret about all the traps you layed out and get your asked kicked ha

Natsu X FairyTail3100d ago

Nice. I might Download the DLC soon.

wicko3100d ago

DLC is honestly pretty lame. There are far better and longer custom campaigns, I'm amazed this took them 5 months. And killing off one of the L4D1 characters was a bad idea, as now we won't see any future games with those 4 as playable characters. They should have just killed Rochelle off since she's just an annoyance.

I feel bad for those who paid for this, but I guess it's not Valve's call on that one.

kaveti66163100d ago

Translation: "They should have done what I wanted them to do. Since they didn't, this game sucks."

wicko3100d ago

Correction: "DLC is extremely short and there's better free content. The DLC sucks."

Thanks for trying.

Pandamobile3100d ago

I don't think they really wanted to kill off Bill. The original plan was probably to have all four of the original characters in The Passing, but Bill's voice actor is in jail or something and can't do any voice overs.

If you recall, Bill had no lines in Crash Course for the same reason.

wicko3100d ago

I don't know if that's true, there's only been rumours and no confirmation. But it is true that he hasn't been around for VO's I guess. That sucks :( Apparently he also did Father Grigori from HL2 and the old Fisherman in Lost Coast.

Darkfocus3100d ago

it's free and it's still fun, wouldn't want to pay for it though.

Davoh3100d ago

I thought that the DLC was too short as well, they didn't seem to make the most of the two group of survivors meeting.
If there had to be a survivor who died then it was always going to be Bill, it wouldn't have been Louis too cliche, Francis dying won't have enough impact on players, and Zoey dying will leave only one girl left in a game already lacking female characters.

zagibu3100d ago

I actually like the new maps. Some high rooftops are always fun in versus. It is a bit short though, but what was to be expected after crash course? I did like crash course as well, though.

The Mutators are also a nice touch. Realism versus is really quite hard, and I enjoyed it even more than regular versus. Suddenly one of the four is missing, and the only thing you hear is the insane laughter of a jockey from somewhere off in the distance...

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electricshadow3100d ago

Saweet. Once Steam comes to Mac, I'll be downloading this.

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The story is too old to be commented.