No More Half-Asked Multiplayer Please

For years Nintendo has being dangling the proverbial multiplayer biscuit just out of reach for us Zelda fans. We can sit, stand, rollover, even complain; but we don't seem to get anything from it. Zelda is known first and foremost for being a single-player adventure game, but Nintendo has, this millennium, decided to integrate some multiplayer aspects into what we're seen in the Four Swords duo and the two DS releases. The thing is, Nintendo has never really given us a real multiplayer experience. They've always been half-asked. Frankly, it comes down to all or nothing. If Zelda is to continue with multiplayer it needs to overcome its mediocrity and provide real multiplayer experiences.

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kaveti66163152d ago

I believe the term is "half-assed."

I could be wrong, though.

NateNater3152d ago

Yep. You sir are correct. It's "half-assed"

spandexxking3152d ago

i think "half-asked" is christian for "half-assed"

Elwenil3152d ago

Foolishness. If you can't even get the phrase right WTF is the point in writing it? If this moron didn't want to use a curse word, nevermind that "ass" is just a donkey, he should have used "half-baked" which means basically the same thing instead of creating a new reason to call himself a damn idiot.

AbsoluteZelda3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

To clarify: you will find that "half-asked" is the correct or more formal term. "Half-assed" is the slang or more commonly used form of the term, however it is not proper.

Either way, the term has the same meaning, so you are being unfair in your judgments of the author.

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Umbrella Corp3152d ago

Especially with pokemon.It has so much potential i would love random encounters with my friends or strangers.

LegendarySins3152d ago

There are enough multiplayer games out there without having to add Zelda to the pile.
I enjoy Zelda as a single player and hope it stays that way

na-no-nai3152d ago

yeah zelda itself should not evolved around multiplayer. it should do what it best at single player experiences

tunaks13152d ago

Zelda isnt a multiplayer games,
its a single player game, god does everything need to have multiplayer these days?

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