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Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "You might remember Jason Rohrer from his 2007 indie hit: Passage. For those not in the know, this was a five-minute game that took you through a character's lifetime while dealing with the issues of life, death, and the passage of time. If you've not yet had a chance to experience it, please give it a shot. Each time I play, I'm left with a somber feeling unlike I've ever experienced with another game. It's graphically dated, but the point comes across strong. Jason Rohrer has made a name for himself in the indie development community because of the artsy and innovative nature of his games. His latest game, named Sleep Is Death, continues this trend by focusing on player interaction and creativity to a degree that has never been seen before."

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katydarlin3190d ago

This sounds very intriguing. I will definitely check it out.

Kakihara3189d ago

It looks interesting and all but .... y'know .... sleep ISN'T death. Sleep and death are two completely different things. I'm not sure I want to support someone who spreads such vicious rumours.