Gamer Girl Myths Dispelled

Koku writes: "Let's face it, being a gamer girl on the internet is tough. Half of the time, our existence is questioned, and the other half of that time, we are being clammered for by angry mobs of drooling, halo-playing, comic book reading gamer guys that haven't gotten laid in eons."

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Ziriux3102d ago

Yea, just because girls game online, should mean anything, just like us their humans. THat's why the option to block everyones voice but your friends is an amazing tool.

presto7173102d ago

These people should go out more...

Army_of_Darkness3102d ago

gamer girls are just plain dorks period... us guys that game on the other hand can be normal to cool still.. I've dated hot chicks, my boys date hot blondes and all they do is play COD:MW2 for f#@K sakes! in front of their chicks half the day! but that's the norm...yeah, it's a double standard and if you don't like it, too F#@Kin Baaaad B1tches! Haha!

hamoor3102d ago

stupid girl! Get back to the kitchen where you belong
Nah am kidding..
Mw2 is a hell for females who likes to talk on the mic

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cain1413102d ago

Eh, there are more important factors into what girl I date then if see is a gamer or not..

Ziriux3102d ago

Always makes it a bit more fun to have one that loves gaming, but sharing the control can sometimes prove a bit hard.

wicko3102d ago

Eh, just buy 2 of everything, problem solved :P Sure that might get a bit expensive but I think it's worth it in the end.

Carnage12903102d ago

There are actually a few girls in my guild on WoW. So, yeah, obviously this was wrong.

Ziriux3102d ago

I can't imagine WoW girls hot, i mean wow is addictive and peeps spend hours playing it without exercising, I have seen rarely a few nice cuties though.

thehitman3102d ago

A lot of girls play MMOs actually a whole lot you be surprised and not just US like all over the world and a lot of them aren't fat and ugly either.

Chaostar3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Theres loads of girl gamers online but one week out of the month they get disconnected and can't play for a while.

lol i apologize my bad taste demon got the better of me there. Seriously though, gaming transcends gender and brings joy to girls, boys, hermaphrodites and transgender alike.

Stand up ladies gaming NEEDS you all.

ECM0NEY3102d ago

So let me ask you guys... I have a friend thats a girl and she says shes a gamer, but all she plays is rhythm games. Is she a true gamer?

FantasyStar3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

If she's willing to shell out thousands on a home entertainment center: then she's a true gamer. As a true gamer is measured in how committed she is to the hobby: mentally and financially.

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The story is too old to be commented.