PSFocus: R.U.S.E. Hands-On Impressions

PSFocus writes: "Consoles and strategy games: it's a combination that many unfortunately still too often avoid. We are still not completely forgotten. Some parties see it because these are bread and Electronic Arts, which last year came with a Command & Conquer game and it worked fine. Another party is Ubisoft, which with a completely different tack EndWar pitched through right speech-to proceed. After this small success stories that Ubisoft was once again a strategy game, namely with the game R.U.S.E."

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Wrathman3124d ago

im lookin forward to a big fan of RTS games.since i mostly play on console, an RTS game is few and far between.and the last decent RTS on a console was wrath of kane.still no news of C&C4 HITTING CONSOLES ANYTIME it may be a must buy for lovers of the genre.