Gamez: Project Natal Preview

Gamez writes: "Since its announcement at E3 2009 requires every gamer wondered what effect the gaming landscape Natal Project will have. was invited by Microsoft for a test drive with this new control system and came to some striking conclusions."

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whateva3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

hope it's not still there when this comes out!

Hallmark Moment3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Probably will always be here depending on the game design. Doesn't mean all games will have it especially less taxing games that do not require so much full body motion processing. What they said and what you were so happily eager to quote doesn't mean Natal has not and will not make any progress. To me that is the same as proclaiming a console's hardware power or capability because a launch game ran at 30fps. You act like Natal is the only tech that has delay. I don't understand how people ignore the articles about delay in other motion devices.

I hope you read enough to know they were pleased with the >TECH DEMO<