Gamez: Crysis 2 Special

Gamez writes: "Crysis developer Crytek came up with, then and now Crysis Warhead with Crysis 2 going on. Indeed, three times lucky?"

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Pandamobile3099d ago

8 hours of gameplay? What the hell... the first Crysis took me close to 20 hours to beat on my first run-through.

rdgneoz33098d ago

"With a commitment of eight hours gameplay and every ten minutes an 'action-outcome seems to be more to the single-stabbing as many games do these days, in Modern Warfare as the best example."

If it is 8 hours, the developer has talked a lot of sh!t for not much besides great graphics. Hopefully it has a better story and length then MW.

arakouftaian3098d ago

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