Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas: First Alan Wake Review

TMC: Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas has the first printed review of the upcoming action thriller Alan Wake. Hobby Consolas says Alan has spectacular lightning, atmosphere and sounds combined with big scares and a perfect story rhythm that will leave you glued to the controller from start to finish.

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FangBlade3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Very nice score.
Acording to this, the game is 10-16 hours long, which is also very nice.
Still hoping for a PC port.
And no, im not trolling, so stfu please.

xTruthx3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Good score

For those who just want to know the score

BTW: Graphics look great and IMO, its the best graphics on 360 so far.

Shaman3103d ago

Great score,Remedy you earned.Best graphics on 360 and one of the best on consoles,no matter if its sub hd it still has some nice 4xaa.Sub HD didnt stop Ratchet and Clank and MGS4 to be great looking games so this wont stop Alan Wake either.

xTruthx3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Shaman plz dont start mentioning games on other platforms lol.

edit: love the phantom disagrees from kids

Shaman3103d ago

Its just to stop "AW is sub hd lalalal" because both of those games i said are sub hd and look great.

Lionhead3103d ago

Oh man, the wait has been soooo long. Can't wait.

Now to run for cover before this hits top of the page haha

Strikepackage Bravo3103d ago

that game looks good, sub HD? even if that's true, WHO CARES, if this is what sub HD looks like than who needs HD in gaming!?!?

I have always believed the importance of 720p and 1080p in gaming has been greatly exaggerated, and this game proves that, IF it actually is sub HD. Poly count is what matters in gaming, poly count and apparently lighting LOL!

Biggest3103d ago

You heard it from Strikepackage Bravo first! Gaming can stop moving forward right here. Take all that technology stuff and kiss it goodbye!

-Alpha3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Great score. I don't care for the graphics either, but they look great.

but what's with the title of the article? This stuff only leads to subjective titles in the future like "OMG, GT5 10/10, BEST GAME EVAR!"


Is "First Alan Wake Review: 93/100" too unappealing or standard? Sorry, not trying to start anything..

no_more_trolling3103d ago

looking forward to playing this

how do the haters do it? trolling n4g to make their sorry lives have something of worth

xbox 360 is a great contender in the console race

lelo2play3103d ago

I was expecting a AAA title, so not surprised with this score. This is Remedy... they made Max Payne.

GOTY confirmed.

Echo3073103d ago

Eeee, I don't know about GOTY confirmed, but this certainly looks good. May is a BIG month for games, but I would say this is easily in the top 2 for the month.

La Chance3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Great score. 15 hours seems perfect for this kind of game. Means the pacing is just right.

So I'll be getting this in May and then Crackdown 2 in June then I'll have my jaw dropping to the floor for a month after E3. And I just got Conviction today. I might get Perfect Dark on XBLA this week too.

Damn MS aint giving us no time to breath!

Bnet3433103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Holy sh*t those graphics look ridiculous. I'm very impressed. Good job for whoever got those up. I don't think after looking at those anyone can say this game looks bad.

van-essa3103d ago

Perfect Dark XBLA (and many other downloadable mini games) is 1080P and that game looks like crap. Resolution doesn't mean that much. I've seen Alan Wake and it looks gorgeous despite being "sub-HD".

Cold 20003103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Spoilers should be rolling in any time soon so better watch out.

@below: I just saw your post go from 0 to 3 disagrees in 10 seconds. Looks like the same idiot tracking me just for disagrees is tracking you too cuz the same just happened to my post.
I very often get 3 disagrees automatically in less than a minute even in calm threads by some dumb fangirl tracking me. Too bad theres no way to know who's tracking who. Would love to see who's that mor0n.

Hallmark Moment3103d ago

Didn't think consoles games could be this visually stunning until now. If any 360 fans end up commenting in this article please PM me and tell what you think.

TheBand1t3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Which pisses me off, as there's one thing even the most foul fanboy shouldn't do, and that's spoil a game.

Cold 20003103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I hate PS3 fanboys but spoiling a game wouldnt even cross my mind. Some people come up with the craziest ideas.

Oh well, luckily its the journey that counts, not just the destination, at least for me.

Lionhead3103d ago

Spoiling a game is the worst thing

That Brink2010GOTY guy is such a douche, he spoiled Final Fantasy 13, God of War 3, and Heavy Rain.

Traveler3103d ago

I speak Spanish and it was a nice review. Alan Wake sounds like a really outstanding game. I am really looking forward to it with anticipation. It also looks fantastic. The graphics in those GIFs are some of the best I have seen in a while.

Hallmark Moment3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

My must have single player game this year so far. I upgraded my HDTV for this game[auto motion plus & higher contrast ratio] and I purchased a Monster cable Power Station because I needed one more plug for Natal in my setup. This is going to be one hell of a year. Broke times.

inveni03103d ago

Something about no-name, out-of-America magazines getting first crack at reviews screams "questionable" to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Alan Wake will have 90+ metacritic, but this just seems.....strange.

ape0073103d ago

looks absolutely stunning, all the doubters, go and just watch

-Alpha3103d ago

Thanks for the fix N4PS3G :)

I don't the issue was ever that the graphics looked bad. People just tried to act as if they were the BEST graphics on consoles which is what started the Alan Wake hullabaloo.

And Cold, it was 360 trolls that started spoiling crap with Heavy Rain. Unfortunately it's either the same troll or angry PS3 fans who are just continuing the circle. Next PS3 game will get a huge spoiler too, followed by Halo ODST, and it will never end.

It's pure nonsense but whoever started it is achieving his goal.

Boody-Bandit3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Why don't you add dah Bose cubes to that awesome package? ;)
Private joke amongst those that actually know about electronics and wasted (over priced brand names) money.

On topic:
Is this another in a long line of games that has a rating/rankings release date? Embargo, is it? I hate those. Why not just let the media rate the games when they feel they are ready? Why did this embargo crap ever start?

Natsu X FairyTail3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )




cemelc3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Sry wrong reply

Hallmark Moment3102d ago

Audio Motion Plus with Samsung Lcds.

Auto Motion Plus for 2009 and 2010 Samsung Lcd models should be set at >custom< Judder Reduction for every day viewing in HD cable programming should be set at -Blur reduction at 10 and Judder reduction at 2 or 3. For gaming Blur and Judder reduction should be set at 10. Judder is the setting that creates the soap opera effect for Movie watching on TV programming and Blu-Ray :)

Natsu X FairyTail3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

wow 5 disagrees for saying im getting Alan wake on day 1. Lol ps3 fangirls are so mad that alan wake scored a 93/100 right now.

xTruthx3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

omg Natsu, do you really have to turn everything into a fan boy fight. Maybe they disagreed because they are not getting it day 1 ? People have a mind of their own yah know, not every 1 will agree to what people say. 93/100 is a great score but do you see anyone talking bad about the review in this zone? no. So its your assumption that some ps3 fans are mad with no fundamental proof. Now ps3

sid4gamerfreak3102d ago

alan wake looks like a buy for me. FInally my 360 is getting some love now...

vhero3102d ago

I don't think this will sell on graphics but on story if anything however looking at the genre it will probably pass the 1 million mark but it won't be in the same leagues as the halos as its no FPS. You can disagree all you like but in reality you know its true.. Alone in the dark is a perfect example of what I am talking about as its a very similar game.. Anyways back to review.. After spending so long working on it they don't deserve good scores on that alone (Too human anybody?) but have done well to get them so well done on the devs however 1 review is a bit premature. However this isn't IGN/EDGE/Kotaku so there review holds a lot more weight.

Rock Bottom3102d ago

Did they mention how scary it is in the review?

MNicholas3102d ago

Apart from a really strange rendering problem in the bottom most image (you can see the lighting within the distant fog through Alan's head and upper torso) the lighting looks great.

Xeoset3102d ago

Amazing review; I'm so pumped for this game.

Still, for fvck sake, the game is neither HD nor sub-HD, it's a mixture of the two depending on what Remedy are using the CPU/GPU for at that moment. The engines resolution taxes the Xbox 360 six times that of a normal output resolution, because it is using multiple instances. While it's not a technical overview, it is bloody well true, hence why this game looks so damn good; Remedy know what the hell they're doing.

FOXDIE3102d ago

im also hoping for a pc port, this game should not be missed.

MNicholas3102d ago

As we have seen from high quality screenshots, the textures and general level of detail leave something to be desired.

In most areas it's not even at the quality of Uncharted 1.

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Omega43103d ago

No doubt this game will be AAA, glad its quite a long game was expecting it to be around 8 hours

Raf1k13103d ago

Yeah I think length surprised a lot of people. Remedy deserve to do well with this after having put so much time and effort into it.

bioshock12213103d ago

Yeah I agree I expected this game to be like around 8-10 hours long like most single player games are now a days. But good to see it will be long. Remedy deserves it. This just shows they are a great developer all of their games have been critically acclaimed and this looks to be no different. Who cares if they take long they are a small developer as long as their final product is great then that is all it matters. I'm more excited to buy this game now.

cemelc3102d ago

Ummm i just read the article and it clearly stated that the game is 10 hours, where the hell did the 16 hours come from???

Even in the review said in the last coments that the game felt short.

Cevapi883102d ago

i hope this sets a new standard for game length...8 hours might have worked last gen but to keep seeing it time and again with great games on both the PS3 and 360 leaves me feeling as though the devs are really underachieving...with such long development times you would think that games would be 10+ least AW gives you the ability to go and explore...this in turn will give the game some legs in term of length and im glad to see it

cemelc3102d ago

dude the game last 10 hours, wtf are you talking about, what new standard is that????

And before the disagree get someone to translate the last page so you can stop spreading false information.

Cevapi883102d ago

wow way to misunderstand the comment....yeah the game last 10 hours....but it allows you to explore the setting of the game to discover new things...this is what i meant by it giving the game more legs in terms of length....again i am surprised you couldnt pick up on that

ummm and i do think its a standard when Splinter Cell is 5 hours long and GoW III is only 8 hours...probably shorter depending on the players skill...look at MW 2 SP was only 5 hours long as well...way too short....2 of the 3 will rely heavily on seems like SP is turning into an add on rather than being the pivotal focus of what a game is

cemelc3102d ago

I get you're point man... but from the review i don't think this game is all about exploration(But who knows perhaps i'm wrong).

I'm actually truly hopeful about the plot, i hope no harm from me was done to you, not my intention... ill give you a bubble.

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3103d ago Replies(4)
Fishy Fingers3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Hopefully someone with to much time on their hands translates the review. Crazy as it is I'm one of those that reads them.

Great stuff though, you cant doubt Remedy.

Julie3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I was going to translate but the scans are too blurry :(

EDIT: wait! 1st page is blurry the other ones i can read :) brb

Ok this is what i could read , some pages are cut in half dunno why and don't make fun of my english lol D:

-There are save rooms with some "generator" thing where you can save the game , refill health and stay safe from enemies

-There is no danger on the day so we can use that time to find clues, explore and to talk to the npcs.

-The game also have some puzzles mostly used to proceed to the next area.

-On the dark there will be some QTE

-There are crows who will drain the energy from Alan Wake. On the forest there are "nouns" (dunno the spelling are like woodcutters :p) , and they are really hard to beat.

-There are vehicles , they help to travel faster and can be used to beat enemies.

-Alan has flashbacks to tell his story before he reaches Bright Falls , they also gives clues for the story.

Meh too bad the pages are missing a half and the 1st page is all blurry sorry :(

Julie3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

BRB again lol now i can see the whole pages :)

-Some NPC seem to be hiding something and some are really creepy. We need to explore the whole town and forest to find all the book pieces , and collectible objects.

-Story is spread in episodes and each one will give a twist to the main theme like "Lost" wich leave us glued to the game.

- At the begining of each episode we will see a brief of the previous chapters , the game has a movie feeling from the sound, dialogues, the characters, the story to the terrifying atmosphere.

-There scenaries are full of detail and are really big , even on indoors ,and stores there is a lot of detail , the forests have trees and plants that moves with the wind, the lights are also stunning from the sun on the day to the flashlight on the night or dark places.
We can for example illuminate the inside of a house from the outside.

-The character models are pretty detailed but they need a bit more of detail on the expressions.

-Is an exellent survival horror game , it mixes the best of Silent Hill with a really fun combat and detailed characters.

-The best:
The story: awesome ambient and script.
The Combat: great use of light and lots of variety.

-The Worst
Lenght:is pretty short we would like the game to last longer.The game is about 10 hours.
Facial Expression: the facial expression is not at the same level as the game intensity.

-Graphics (92):Ambience, light and weather effects are awesome
-Sound (94): very good soundtrack but the sound effects are really excellent.
-Lenght (82): with no doubt this is the Achilles Heel of the game (10 hours) with low replayability.
-Fun (93): the story pace , the combat and the dialog will keep you glued from start to finish.

-Score: 93

GiantEnemyCrab3103d ago

Thanks for the translation Julie +bub.

Really looking forward to playing this.

Julie3103d ago

Ty :) i know that my translation must have lots of grammar horrors lol but i tried :p i hope everyone at leat gets an idea of what i translated over there

ryano232773102d ago

My only concern for the game IMO was the combat/shooting mechanics.

For the reviewer to put that in the Pros section, obviously has more to it than what I have picked up from the videos we were shown of the first half hour.

May's a good month, too bad all the great games come out just a couple weeks apart.

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green3103d ago

Nice to play another AAA game this year. Cant wait

Fishy Fingers3103d ago

I dont really like the term AAA personally, just seems like some irrelevant term. But this year is packed with great games across the board, even my Wii will see some love with Red Steel 2.

Good times.