Reviewing Games - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

DualShockers writes, "For many out there, being able to review games is a dream job. In my younger days, I always looked up to game reviewers, which I really only had access to through print media in magazines like Nintendo Power and Electronic Gaming Monthly. As time progressed and the Internet became more and more popular, there was an explosion of video-game-related sites popping up everywhere and, so it seemed, everyone and their mother was writing game reviews, for better or for worse.

Some are paid to write, some do it because they enjoy it, some aren't gamers but journalists forced to play and write in this industry – needless to say, there is a wide variety of people out there right now reviewing games. Who are you to believe? What qualifies them to review a game? How long should they play a game before giving their opinions to thousands of people across the Internet? Is it really a dream job?"

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JoelT3735d ago

is trying to please everyone! Devs, Publishers and PR people but also Gamers alike. You just can't please everyone and sometime it's hard to let people down.

Chadness3735d ago

If you're completely honest and objective in your reviews, you will never please everyone, unfortunately.

iiprotocolii3735d ago

The thing is that you shouldn't be writing a review to please anyone. A review is a personal take on what you felt about the game. Nothing more. Did you think it was executed correctly? Is it fun? Did it stand out? etc.

Chadness3735d ago

It isn't an easy job, as many people think, but if both reviewers and the readers use some common sense, it helps out everyone.

AzarVC3735d ago

The only downside is that common sense seems to be pretty uncommon these days.

Hitman07693735d ago


"Common sense is not that common these days" this was said in the 50s as well and I think it's still true today.

This is a great look at all the factors that go into reviewing a game.

iiprotocolii3735d ago

Sadly, though, you some people don't understand this. And the thing with most reviewers is that they're too scared to be honest because they think X persons won't like them anymore, or because they want attention. The best thing any "journalist" or reviewer can do is be honest and consistent. That's what people look for.

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Hitman07693735d ago

It is true not everyone is going to like what you have to say. I personally believe the reviewer should have a love and passion for games and have played many many games before and beyond that the more they beat in the game the more I respect their review.

Ninferno3735d ago

theres no such thing as complete objectivity.

iiprotocolii3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Reviewing games can be problematic only because of how the community will respond. Again, what most people need understand is that *honest* reviews aren't done to make fanboys feel all nice inside - it's done as a personal opinion which should be considered as so by readers. The important thing about reviews is that honesty, not fanboyism, is what's relevant.