Microsoft, Can You Please Take the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel Seriously? writes: "For a long ass time, here at DIY HQ, we've complained about Microsoft's lack of marketing for their oft-maligned and forgotten Indie Games channel. I mean, when it was announced, it was a big deal for Microsoft as they announced it would be the "YouTube of video games." Unfortunately, shortly upon launching the service, Microsoft almost immediately forgot about it, remembering it existed a few months only long enough to simply rename it from "Community Games" to "Indie Games."

So, suffice it to say, at this point we don't ever really expect Microsoft to do much in regard to marketing the actual service or any of the hundreds of decent games on the service. I mean it's clearly not a priority, right? Well maybe it kind of is…"

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Cajun Chicken3734d ago

I spent most of an afternoon going through XBLIG the other day. Out of all these submissions, I only got Echoes+, I MAD3 A GAME WITH ZOMBIES IN IT!!! and Pew Pew Pod because nearly everything else stinks, I've played HUNDREDS of freeware games on the PC that are far better games.

70% of the games on the service aren't even games but stupid apps, or apps to make the Avatar actually do something, a little like the Wii.

I guess my main complaint is the fact you have to be connected to XBOX Live to actually play any of the games, which quite frankly is a little bit silly since I've already bought them.

Never the less, it is, in fact, a very good idea.

jack who3734d ago

Microsoft Cant Take anything Seriously thats why apple and sony is eating them

Grown Folks Talk3733d ago

is look at how many points it costs. If it's 80, I don't even bother to look most often.