Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack Pre-Order Discount

Steam has listed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack as now available for pre-order, offering a discount to those who purchase before its release on May 4.

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Pandamobile3104d ago

It saddens me that people will actually buy 3 new maps for $15...

-Alpha3104d ago

It must sadden you more as a PC gamer that PC gamers have to pay for this considering they usually get this free.

BX813104d ago

You shouldn't fret over the amount of money other people choose to spend, and on what.

Pandamobile3104d ago

But it sets a precident for other developers.

champ213104d ago

this should have been user created free content.

evrfighter3104d ago

it does seem disappointing but seeing as how a lot of casuals have started building their pc's thanks to us.

We really shouldn't be surprised. Seeing as how the stimulus package is 3rd in top sellers behind cod4 and l4d2. It's safe to say it is those casuals that converted from console fueling this.

Revvin3104d ago

If people like the game then they will pay for more content. Mods are ok but very few match the quality of official professionally created add-ons though its a bit poor that two of the maps in this map pack are remakes from the previous Modern Warfare game. Now if they sweetened the deal with a new game mode that removed the silly perks and killstreak rewards that would be great - return the game to being about what a FPS should be - shooting people and not camping in a corner waiting for your killstreak reward or juggling perks that unbalance the game play.

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djsean3104d ago

Bought it :) cant wait for it to come out

tdrules3104d ago

For $/£1.50 more you can get COD4, exploiting ignorance

padlius3104d ago

This is official Steam boycott page. Join it if interested.

Revvin3103d ago

I think you'll have a hard time convincing Activision when the original 'boycott MW2' groups that sprung up before release all crumbled. Plenty of talk about boycotting for this and that reason but as soon as it arrived most of the people in those groups could be seen playing the game.

madara0sama3103d ago