Activision confirms Tony Hawk: SHRED as next title

Skateboarder extraordinaire Tony Hawk recently 'announced' via his Twitter account that the next game in the long-running series of Tony Hawk games would feature the title 'Tony Hawk: SHRED,' tweeting:

"Tony Hawk: Shred. There, I said it. Actually, I named it. Somewhere a PR team is reeling"

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mrv3213100d ago

Maybe it'll use the Ride board and mean activision wont charge $100+ for a bad game, but I doubt it...

Christopher_Walken3100d ago

why are they doing another one

MexicanAppleThief3100d ago

lol skate is gonna waste this pansy ass game. Tony hawk games were good before but now they're complete sh1te

hatchimatchi3099d ago


THPS peaked at THPS2 (which is still a great game to this day), but Skate is just pure gaming bliss. No insane combos or ridiculous lines to do. Just skating, if you don't want to do an objective, don't do it. I love how the city is wide open and readily available from the get go. I've easily poured over 100 hours into Skate2, can't wait for 3.

Shendow3099d ago

So true, at first I didn't like the idea of skate an how you do tricks but after every Tony Hawk game not being as good as the old ones. I give Skate 2 a try an enjoy it and I already played the demo for 3.

Going to preorder Skate 3 as soon as I got the money (Which might be hard when you buying games for the PS3 and 360).

ExgamerLegends23099d ago

Tony Hawk games were fun in the day. Lately they've been lagging. Hope he does something to completely revamp the series. The board peripheral wasnt my thing.

As far as skate goes I cant really say I like the games. Realism is fine and all but I'd much rather link together impossibly long combos with crazy tricks like the guitar hero. Just gives you much more of a rush. Here's hoping the new Tony Hawk game is good.