Super Mario 64 Running on the Xbox360

LoveMHz writes, "Currently we have the core, RSP, and audio implemented. Alot of work so far. Now what about video? Well it seems that every video plugin out there either uses OpenGL or DirectX with Fixed Pixel Pipelines which the Xbox360 does not support. Also due to the differences between Fixed Pixel Pipe-lining and HLSL a simple rewrite isn't possible. So with the advice and over look of Zezu I have decided to write my own up to date graphics and RDP part of the emulation instead of hacking around Rice's video code."

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JustinSaneV23103d ago

Two screenshots of a TV screen? How about a video?

Syriel3103d ago

Just getting basic rendering running is a monumental task. I'd expect things to progress nicely over the next month or so.

It's not like emu authors just click their fingers and have it working out of the box. ;)