FPS Games Data shows the game-play data for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex and The Conduit.

CwG breaks down the play-time hours, number of players reporting data, review score averages, and sale ranks for the games.

CwG says in one section, "The Conduit has 1,384,288 Total Hours reported, an increase of 17,519 hours from last week.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex has 1,989,040 Total Hours reported, an increase of 119,706 hours."

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CoffeewithChess3100d ago

Is anybody here on N4G still playing The Conduit's online play?
If so, do you experience the spawn bug still?

SpoonyRedMage3100d ago

No spawn bug but I tried it the other week and some times it just wouldn't connect.

CoffeewithChess3100d ago

I wonder if that was because there are a lot less players trying to connect now?
I was having that issue last September, and thought, "I never had this problem in Call of Duty: World at War." I then traded it off, after debating it for a little bit.

tunaks13100d ago

I no longer play conduit online, i tried once last week, everyone was hacking.
I do play a little of the single player here and there.
I currently play reflex and MH3 online on the wii

CoffeewithChess3099d ago

I don't even understand the point of hacking a game that so few people seem to be playing now.
Somehow, I held off on buying MWR, but I didn't hold off on Monster Hunter 3!
I'm going to play some now(single-player), and perhaps I'll try an online match for the first time tonight.

AEtherbane3099d ago

There a lot of hackers now.... but i dont blame HVS for that

3099d ago