Will Voodoo Save Brees from the Madden Curse?

With the announcement of Drew Brees being the cover athlete for Madden NFL 11 Eric Galaviz from takes a look at all the past athletes being affected by the Madden Curse. Can Drew Brees find a way to cure the curse in New Orleans?

He Writes "If there was ever a year that the Madden curse needs to end it's this year. Drew Brees has been the heart and soul of the New Orleans Saints, he's also on my fantasy team in my keeper league. He has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league in the last decade."

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K-Tuck3100d ago

Eye-opening and brilliant. A real page-turner. Thought-provoking, emotional, and intelligent without being arrogant. Five stars *****

dwightmccarthy3100d ago

Why do these players think they can't be touched by this? I didn't realize how much this affected them until i read through this, nuts!

rrquinta3100d ago

I certainly hope so. Last year was just so awesome, it would be great if the Saints could stay on top.