OXM UK Interview: Meeting Independint Charles

OXM UK writes: "It was the winter of 2008 when Microsoft turned Xbox Live upside-down with the introduction of Indie Games. Floods submerged the Earth, fiery hailstones fell from the sky, and we can all agree that nothing's been the same since.

But some say Xbox Live's Indie Games aren't getting enough love, which is why tomorrow you can look forward to the start of a brand new series on Xbox Live. The Independint Charles Show (yes, it's supposed to be spelled that way) is going to provide some love and coverage for one of the 360's most underplayed feature, and it's being created by none other than the co-creator of Consolevania and VideoGaiden, Robert Florence. If you're not familiar with Consolevania, you can find it on YouTube - although be prepared for comprehensively profane language."

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