StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Coming Eighteen Months After Wings Of Liberty

In a few months Blizzard will release StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, which includes the Terran single-player campaign as well as the full multiplayer component. Blizzard believes that the first expansion will arrive about a year and a half later.

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magicwalnuts4114d ago

With that much content the Starcraft saga is gonna get pretty damn epic

EvilCackle4114d ago

I suppose. I hate the idea of waiting like 3 years to see the end of the storyline, though. I mean we already had to wait like 10 years since the first StarCraft.

TheIneffableBob4114d ago

Looking at it from a different perspective, if you wanted all of this content in a single game, you'd have to wait until 2014 to play StarCraft 2.

rogimusprime4114d ago

more like 12 years. The first one came out in 1998. I was just finishing up my junior year in high school. In 12 more years, ill be FOURTY. I don't really have the patience for this.... But I guess you can take your time when you have a cash cow like WOW.

jdktech20104114d ago

2 years until release after it

jdktech20104114d ago

I'm actually more excited for HOTS because of the "leveling/evolution" system....mix RPG elements with SC2? Yes, please

Hallucinate4114d ago

wait theyve already announced features for HoS when did this happen

CLOUD19834114d ago

I wont to play toss campaign boo-hou-hou... :( I cant w8 until 2013 to see the end this is too much damn it!!! >.<