PS3 and Xbox 360 gap soon to be just 4 million

PSUNI: "Sales, sales, console sales." It's a hit song in Latvia. The chorus goes "Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home." Anyway, in the battle for second place, the situation is hotting up. With Microsoft announcing 40 million worldwide Xbox 360 sales the question now is how far behind is the PlayStation 3. If we look at the figures, the answer is 'not very'.

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Hallmark Moment3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

by this time next year the gap will be back to 8 or 9 million. The 360 will sell like the wii did at its high point when Natal+Launch linep, 360 slim-price drop and Halo Reach launches.

Hallmark Moment3102d ago

PS3 fanboys shouldn't be laughing.

PirateThom3102d ago

I worry about XBox 360 fanboys....

Halo? A series where three games already exist on the system a system seller?

Natal? Casual fest 2010? Will sell well, but only on hype, won't move consoles because no one wants to take that leap since the Wii exists.


techie3102d ago

I worry about all fanboys. I can certainly see Natal being a huge success.

Hallmark Moment3102d ago

I worry about fanboys waking up in the morning every day consumed with pro Sony motives giving purpose to their lives.

techie3102d ago

Or pro-Microsoft consuming their lives. Swings both ways guys.

Lionhead3102d ago

lol @ Hallmark throwing around the word fanboy

Hallmark Moment3102d ago

I know isn't it funny? I see you guys in 360 news more than I see you in PS3 news. Oh teh Irony.

Lionhead3102d ago

I own both so I can, plus you are doing same thing =)

Hallmark Moment3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I own both too son. Just because I have a problem with the savage majority of PS3 fanboys doesn't mean I'm a 360 fanboy. I purchased my PS3 before my 360.

EDIT LionHead If you don't believe me that is your problem. For all I know you're a pro Sony stealth troll undercover posing as a gamer.

Lionhead3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Just because I have a problem with the savage majority of 360 fanboys doesn't mean I'm a PS3 fanboy. I purchased my 360 before my PS3.

I can say the same thing, but that logic just doesn't fly on N4G new guy.

Believe what you want newfag

Mo0eY3102d ago

Anyone who is anti-PS3 can suck it. Nuff said.

On topic: 4 MILLION, LOOOOOOOL - Bots won't have anything left except Halo and Gears.

3102d ago
Sm0k3y_Bac0n3102d ago

I've got to say, PS3 fanboys on this site do outnumber the 360 ones. Then again, theres a lot fo both.

OT: Does it really matter how big the gap is as long as good games are coming out? The way I'm looking at this isn't "yay 360 is going to lose!" Instead I look at this as good for all gamers. The closer the gap becomes, the more MS will want to push out quality game to maintain the lead and the more Sony will want to push out games to close the gap.

Both consoles have a big enough install base to support them, so the difference isn't really important.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3102d ago

'Natal + xBox 360 Slim(???) + Halo RANK' will save them!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

'Natal' will FAIL
'xBox 360 Slim' will NEVER Happen
'Halo RANK' will sell loads yeah but it won't sell loads of xBox 360's...SORRY ChavBots!!! ;-D

rekonizakilla3102d ago

the lamest thing about fruity little kids like you is that you always have an excuse.

If the ps3 does overtake the 360 in sales you'll say it should have done it sooner, or by a greater amount.
Personally If I was the only person ever to buy my console of choice, i'd just be happy about it , and play some games.

So can one of you natal fudgers please tell me what your'e actually looking forward to playing, instead of just advertising for the sake of it?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

This kid try and try, but he fail =/.

Welcome to my ignore list Hallmark, denial and Fanboy.

avengers19783102d ago

360 5 years on shelves equals a little over 8 million a year in sales.
PS3 3 years(just had it's bday) on shelves equals close to 11 million a year in sales. Plus the 360 sales are virtually dead everywhere but North America, but PS3 worldwide sales keep going up.
God of War 3 and GranTurismo 5 are going to help push more sales this year, plus there is no denying the popularity of Blu-ray, and PS3 is one of the best Blu-ray players on the market.
In the long run PS3 will out sell 360.

zag3102d ago

In reality the PS3 is 2nd because MS haven't removed the broken XBox 360 numbers from the total number sold.

PS3 and Wii number won't be much lower than the total sales due to very few of them being broken.

40 million - 36% = 25,6 million working XBox 360 so that's the real number of XBox 360's currently out there.

MS would have to release the number of repaired Xbox 360 numbers to be able to work out what the number would be exactly.

I've had guys who work at EB games tell me they have bought a 360 elite and it didn't have the HDD installed in it so that's a repair, they won't turn on without the HDD in them, Yet MS is saying that's a sold 360 when really it's not.

A friend who knows a guy who works at a MS 360 repair place says they have hundreds of thousands of broken 360's sitting in warehouses as they can't be fixed or can't fix them quick enough.

PopEmUp3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

It's Funny how you end up calling everyone here fanboy, when you're one of the biggest moron around, I mean FANBOY. Typical xbox fanboy

ChrisW3102d ago

I'll go out and buy 4 PS3s right now! I'll need about 999,999 more people to join me. We can do it!!! Who's with me!?!

moomooakai3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Lol, you sound butthurt there. Maybe you need some Preparation H or something.

The gap is closing. Five years later and this is how far the mighty Flop60 has gotten?

P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. :-)

360 fanboys shouldn't be laughing either. They should be praying that Microshaft continues support for the Flop60. Once GT5 hits, it's game over. :)

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SupeerSteebbi3102d ago

It will be 1 million when Gran Turismo 5 comes out! Halo Reach will sell a lot but not more than Gran Turismo 5 that's for sure.

techie3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Halo Reach will definitely sell more software, but will it sell more hardware than GT5? No. Most Halo player already has a 360 - but not every GT fan has a PS3...they're waiting.

Hallmark Moment3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Selective logic at its best. All Halo fans already own the 360 but not all GT fans own the PS3? lol

Halo is huge but the game isn't going to widen the gap back up in the first place, hardware pusher or not. Natal and its launch lineup will quickly erase Sony's gain in half the time.

The super Hardware pushing status for PS3 games seems to be handed off to one title to the next when these games fail to push hardware. GOW3 failed now it's GT5 I see.

>Teh shortages< for the rest of this generation then?

-Alpha3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Natal is definitely going to be a huge system seller for the more casually appealing market that MS is chasing. Natal isn't even for only gaming, it's for communicating/chatting with friends, a tool to watch Netflix hands-free, etc. MS really has a chance to use Natal and push it as a hands-free device to casual users while maintaining it as a game device for hardcore/casual gamers. It is very appealing to even the non-gamer and this is what can help sell the 360: (2:20 mark)

And Reach will definitely be a huge blockbuster game.

However, the fact that Sony has caught up to close the gap this much is astonishing. I do not know of any other console that has fought has hard as Sony has with the PS3. MS is failing the Japanese market hard but Sony is doing well there.

GT5 should be the game that combats Reach for sales. Both will be great juggernaut sales titles.

What has me skeptical is the PS3 shortages that Sony seems to be going through. I am hoping to see a surge, but with reported shortages I don't know what's going to happen.

In the end folks Nintendo has already won 1st place. 360/PS3 fans are fighting for second place.

blitz06233102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

You're missing the point here. Halo has a good chance of selling the most, but only in terms of software. This 4 million we're talking about is console hardware, and just like deep said, GT5 is the first GT on the PS3, so expect more PS3s to be moved than Reach selling 360's because it's the 3rd Halo game for the 360.

Jesus can't you at least keep it down? This isn't about Reach vs GT5. We're talking about PS3 trying to close the gap, not GT5 trying to outsell Reach. If you at least say Reach will move more 360's then you're making a point but just by downplaying GT5's credibility you're looking more like a fanboy by the minute.
Yeah, you were replying to his comment, but you do know it's a comment from a fanboy right? It's not really smart to feed fanboys/trolls here because they go 'wilder'.

Idk man, there was a study not long ago saying Nintendo will fall to last place if this console generation war keeps going for another 6-7 years I think.

Natsu X FairyTail3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I like how he act as if xbox will stop selling all of a sudden so that 4 Million gap can shorten to 1 million out of the blue.

It's not happening with Natal and Halo Reach just around the corner , Sorry. Oh and Reach will sell more than GT5 in the 1st day , week , Month..

edit @ blitz: I dint do anything wrong. I was just replying to the 1st comment who said that Reach will sell less than GT5 when we all know Reach will sell more. I'm not downplaying GT5 at all.

soxfan20053102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Halo is ALWAYS a system seller.

When ODST came out in September, 360 sales had a huge jump, even though this was also the same month that the PS3 slim came out. If ODST - which is just an expansion of Halo 3 - can move consoles, then Halo Reach, which is an entirely new story, will certainly move a lot of hardware.

GT5 will most likely be PS3's biggest system seller as well, so they will probably even out (or close to it) in the end.

EDIT @ below - ODST is an expansion of Halo 3's story. That doesn't mean it's not a full game, which it is.

Icyhot3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Alpha Male... If this were a thread of how 360 outsold PS3 and if PS3 fans were trolling, then you will be like a ringmaster telling how low life scum PS3 fanboys are....

I wonder why you keep mum now with 360 trolls in the article... I like your thoughts on Hallmark and sh*ttycol below.

^^^^^ ODST wasn't an expansion according to 360 fanboys when the game came out.. Great to see you guys flip flop every now and then... Bububu you get 60$'s worth for ODST!!!!

Halo 3 hardly moved consoles when it landed, then why would Reach really matter? It's a well known fact that anyone who wants to play Halo already owns a 360... I mean it's the 4th game with the Halo name landing on the 360 for crying out loud.

Hallmark Moment3102d ago

Yeah some of you guys are right After looking back.

Halo games tend to push plenty of hardware.

Halo ODST effect

2009 NPD
AUG: Xbox 360 215.4K

Sept: Xbox 360 352.6K

Being the biggest and best halo, Halo Reach will amplify the Natal appeal.

Danteh3102d ago

At the end of the gen the PS3 will have the same install base of the PS2, it's inevitable :D

-Alpha3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Notice how the first comment was by a PS3 fan who brought up the 360/Reach? People who followed that comment are making a response to that said comment. This is an article comparing 360 to PS3, so please don't tell me 360 fans aren't allowed here to comment on their console getting tail-gated by the PS3. Notice the negative connotation of how he brought it up: solely to say GT5 will close the gap by 3 million and that Reach wont do the same. From there the conversation started. Sorry, but I see no reason why 360 fans can't retaliate to a PS3 fan commenting on how GT5 will close the gap by 3 million whilst bringing up the 360 himself. If I have ever shown a double standard against PS3 fans for doing that then I strongly apologize because that'd be hypocritical. But please show me if I've done that, I have no problem being called out on it.

ape0073102d ago

gt5 and reach gonna sell like hell but I think that gt will drive a bit more consoles and tbh, there are many factors that affect console purchase and everything is fired up on both console, you never knew what gonna happen but I really expect an xbox 360 slim announcement this E3

Strange_Evil3102d ago

Why am I hearing Reach and Natal in a PS3 sales thread? I smell fear from the opposition camp.

I remember a year back when PS3 was something like 8-9 million behind and we had the doom and gloom articles.

And why do people keep forgetting that the PS3 still is at 299$, the PS2 launch price!!!!! Lets say Natal pulls the 360 ahead, but Sony is bound to drop the price sometime and if 299$ could virtually slash the 360's lead in half, a 199$ PS3 would cement it's 2nd place.

jaysquared3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

If the rumored 360 slim are true then the PS3 is doomed to be 3rd place this gen!

@strangeevil What makes you think if the PS3 does a price drop the 360 can't do it as well??

Also Sony has brought out their big guns in MGS4, FF13, GoW3, KZ2, Heavy Rain, PS3 slim and the 360 is still leading in sale! Other than GT what else does the PS3 have to try and overtake the 360?

Buu.. buu.. buuuut the PS3 has been beating the 360 in sales since 2007! If that's true why are they still in 3rd place?

Natsu X FairyTail3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

LMAO Yall read what Icy wrote?

From my Understanding People who want to play Halo REACH Already own a Xbox 360 so It wont move alot of units? Well last time I checked People Paid for the GT5prologue demo which is one of the games that sold most copies on PS3. Guess the Same thing can be applied here. People who wants GT5 Already own a PS3.

Eff Your Double Standards!

edit @ alpha:

Yeah I know That GT5 will sell. I was just using the argument he gave and turned it against him to show what he said was pretty much double standard.

-Alpha3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I don't get it, how do you know that?

Sony can easily bundle GT5 or sell it individually and I'm sure there are many people who would buy it. GT5 is a system seller, the franchise has proven that.... or are you referring to Deep's comment?

Edit @Natsu: Oh OK. Well, to sum myself up: Reach and GT5 will both be juggernaut titles. Congrats to Sony for making a turnaround this generation as they started off slowly and were painted as the next Dreamcast. Good for them proving that wrong. And @ 1.0 I strongly doubt GT5 will sell 3 million PS3s. That's assuming that 3 million are waiting to buy the PS3 which there is no proof for. Same goes for my Natal comment actually, though the marketing is towards the casuals I have no definite proof it will sell like hotcakes. We will have to ultimately wait to see what happens.

Hallmark Moment3102d ago

That was funny I was going to mention the GT5 demo as well. I still think this argument will be pointless in a few months because of Natal and a possible 360 redesign and price drop.

Kleptic3102d ago

you guys really think Natal, or Move for that matter, are going to do anything that impressive sales wise?...i simply don't see it happening...mid generation add-ons never do anything...the general public doesn't even know what Natal or Move even is...

both companies will sell some motion control stuff, but I don't think its going to have any real impact on either systems overall sales for a significant period of time...imo simply cutting another hundred dollars off both the 360 and the PS3 would do twice as much sales wise as either motion add on...but whatever...still interested to see how both controllers work...

Icyhot3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Read my comment again and tell me is there a single place I mentioned GT5????

I talked about Halo and NOT GT5... Whether or not GT5 will be a System seller hasn't even been even referred to in my comment... So what DOUBLE STANDARDS? I just put a logical argument that being a 4th Halo game, saying it will sell millions (consoles) is unreasonable seeing even Halo 3 which was the 1st Halo game couldn't move as many consoles since anyone who wanted Halo at that time owned a 360.

A certain bump in sales is obviously seen, but not what's expected of a SYSTEM SELLER.

darthv723102d ago

a lead is still a lead no matter if it be near or far. One day ps3 will surpass 360. Chances are they will tie it up in mid to late 2011. By then there will be info abound on the existence of wii 2 and 720 and rumblings of ps4.

IdleLeeSiuLung3102d ago

This year is PS3's advantageous year with heavy hitting exclusives, redesigned console and price drop so I expect Sony to make some inroads. With that said, other than games (there aren't that many left) and maybe PS Move there isn't really that many catalysts moving forward.

MS is in the same boat, but they still have re-designed console and price drop in addition to the games and Natal.

Given the situation, it looks like a stalemate for Sony and MS. By the end of this year, if anything the casuals will decide the winner between MS and Sony in sales...

As far as hardcore gamers, it shouldn't matter. Sony and MS has a large enough market share that neither will be ignored for game releases by 3rd party.

jaysquared3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Wow you're just pulling number off your butt now! Halo 3 not a system seller? You must be kidding me! 360 sales nearly doubled the first month Halo 3 came out! Quit talking out of your butt please..

"Turning to hardware sales for the month, the top sellers for September 2007 in North America are as follows:

Xbox 360 - 527,800
Wii - 501,000
Nintendo DS - 495,800
PlayStation Portable - 284,500
PlayStation 2 - 215,000
PlayStation 3 - 119,400"

The 360 was able to outsell the wii and the DS? when does that ever happen??? LOL Love those PS3 numbers eh?

"All platforms but the PlayStation 3 managed to sell more units in September, despite recent price cuts by Sony. As predicted by Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter the Xbox 360 has finally managed to overtake sales of the Wii aided by the release of Halo 3, and with the latter's still-constrained supply. The PSP saw sales fall just short of doubling with the launch of the Slim model, up from 151,000 units in August. "

Halo3= System Seller

IRetrouk3102d ago

you lot are nuts to think reach will outsell gt5, cash cow vs carefully built racing perfection, and alan wake is gonna rock.

Shadow Flare3102d ago

There is not one single halo game that has outsold gran turismo 3. Just keep that in mind.

Halo Reach is the 3rd halo game to hit the 360. Gran Turismo 5 will be the ps3's first full gran turismo title. Yes, there is every possibility it will outsell reach in software sales. Yes, it will definitely push more consoles then reach does

Persistantthug3102d ago

Sony sold approx 13 - 13.5 million PS3 units in its fiscal year.

Also, Microsoft's XBOX 360 total of 40 million is SHIPPED units...They haven't officially sold 40 million consoles to consumers yet.

ukilnme3102d ago


Please provide proof that Sony's numbers were sold to customers vice sold to retailers.

Sprudling3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )


young juice3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

if sony announces half of the games im expecting*. i expect them to leap infront of microsoft like an educational toy (leapfrog :P)

*infamous 2, killzone 3, resistance 3, syphon filter 4, dark cloud 3
and others that dont come to mind at the moment...end footnote

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Fanboys answer:

Halo will sell more software and hardware than the Real Driving Simulator in Consoles, because is Halo.

Hallmark Moment3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Be honest for once. The Sony camp hates the fact the 360 reached 40 million and the noise and reactionary PS3 articles is damage control.

Has anybody been hammered with spam PM's from Nathan Drake2?

Dee_913102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

gives a f#cking s#it
as long as i got mines thats all that matter

^^^ it would be pretty pathetic if a console couldnt sell 40mil in 5 years tbh

the fact is u cant compare console sales if they released in different years

Brklynty13102d ago

GT is known WORLDWIDE. Halo mostly in NA. I'm telling you right now, if GT and Reach were to have the same release date, M$ would most likely push up the release. Seriously, the people in EU will explode when GT5 releases. Then you got NA, JP, people its freakin RACING! Something people do all over the world! This gen is flooded with FPS , we can all drown. And let's be honest hear, 3 and ODST sold because of Halo's popularity, not its quality. GT sells because of both. Prolouge is a epic game, and its nothing like the finished product, according to PD anyways. Still, to add to that if Nascar fans want a game, GT5 is their only option, so some 360 owners will be on that line waiting for a PS3. Hell if I see a NA GT5 bundle I might give my bro my 250gig just for it. Both games will sell, which one more than the other? Most likely GT5 cuz like I said, Worldwide is better than 1 region.

cmrbe3102d ago

Selective logic?. No its just plain common sense. GT5P i am sure forced some of the hardcore GT fans to buy a PS3. However its not the main GT5 game that millions of casual GT fans are waiting for. Halo 3 on the other hand is the main Halo game on the x360. Logic and common sense tells us that alot if not all Halo fans already have a x360 to play Halo 3. Thats why there are already 10 million Halo 3 copes sold. On top of that there was Halo Wars and ODST which must have at least pushed some that were interested in Halo to buy a x360.

Reach i am sure will sell amazing amount of copies. I am pretty sure it will sell more than Halo 3. However in terms of pushing hardware. It will not push nearly as many x360 as GT5 will for the PS3.

@Alpha: You must have been living under a rock because retailers for the last couple of months have been reporting short supply of PS3. At least i know now that you really are a stealth troll.

Persistantthug3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

We know that early in 2009, Sony forecast 13 million PS3 units would be sold to CONSUMERS in its 2009-2010 fiscal year.

We also know that Sony has met that goal.

Nothing official yet, its just common knowledge.

N4BmpS3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Wow you guys post alot comments I was going to post something ealier but decided not too, now I've come back to post something and AHHHH!!! Some good and some ignorance.

One I would like to point out 'cause I found so astoundingly asinine is from "jaysquared"; let me say this first, wow dude you are living in the past way too much and too long, I know why you posted that (in response to icyhot) but man you responded in the most immature way possible(one of them anyway). Easily you could have said Halo 3 was a system seller and found something to back that up specifically but no you posted sales from more than likely for one singular month. You can't move on I understand(no I don't). To put things in perspective, assuming you know what perspective is, Halo can and did move consoles I've seen and heard it and so can GT5 but what backs the GT series up is it's multicultural appeal. Understand that Multicultural appeal and that's due to the quality put into each and every game.

Now listen to me when I say there is a good chance that Halo Reach could outsell GT5, in America. There is also equal likely hood that GT5 will outsell Halo, this console generation has many surprises certain things have surprised me I know that much.

With that said, I respect Halo but I haven't played a GT games since GT3 and I'm looking forward to that out a lot of things.

N4g_null3102d ago

That's great SONY beating MS means we will get a new xbo early. I'm all for that. Yet what software is going to do this.

Ok here are some numbers, I'll throw them into the bloody pit of fan boys to see who win! GASP*

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec 14.89 million
Gran Turismo 4 10.54 million only 2.80 million where sold in the USA

The only place where this game is still strong is europe.
How much you wanna bet that the PS3 high price has dashed the exotic car driving boys and girls in the UK?

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue japan 0.57 US0.99 UK2.12 totals 3.68million. I think it's safe to say this number will be slightly higher than the demo. It can not be higher than 10 million since it's obvious that all PS2 gamers are NOT going to upgrade to the PS3.

For reference Need for speed was around 7 million games sold last gen.
Need for Speed: Shift 1.97 million this gen.

Just for further reference I want to show you what HD gamers are really buying, all sales are in millions.
Halo 3 10.94
2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 10.50
3 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 8.23
4 Grand Theft Auto IV 7.76
5 Call of Duty: World at War 6.29
6 Gears of War 6.04
7 Gears of War 2 5.67
8 Halo 3: ODST 4.88
9 Assassin's Creed 4.84
10 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 4.38
11 Forza Motorsport 2 3.99 barely made this list sadly it beats out FF13 right now also, whic was another game that was suppose to catch the ps3 up.

From that list you can see that GT5 or what ever else game you put on the PS3 is going to barely compete with Halo and Gears 3 which are both coming. Some will buy brink but many will get that on PC.

Shortages and also the talk of no new hardware is going to push many graphic loving gamers back on to the PC platform where there is no console fighting just lots of online games. On top of this Hd gamers are not that forgiving.

The highest grossing and selling game on the HD platforms are FPS, 3rd, and some thing else with a gun in it period. This has a similarity to the PC market yet RTS games are not part of console HD gaming.

What is weird is MW2 out sells all of the PS3 exclusives. So it seems the HD PS3 gamers are no different than the xbox 360 gamers as a whole.

What racing game is going to beat a halo or a mario game? Sure every one had GT last gen even I did but I bought a real car and I'm over it now. What is funny is an arcade race is putting up 22 million sold on the Wii. If any thing mod racers should be the game that closes the gap. Even the PS3 fanbase does not have faith in it.

The only thing that can truly close the gap for the PS3 is blu ray adoptions. That is it. There are no more games period. The industry is shooting blanks now. The guys with the ideas can afford to develop on the ps3 and the people who would buy those games still think the ps3 is expensive.
Also im not sure why but halo, and gears is coming out. Sure you can say some ps3 exclusive is better but for some reason the consumers don't think so.
Truthfully if it was not for the RROD SONY would not even have a chance this gen. After GT WHAT IS NEXT? Seriously sequels to games that didn't really change or more many consoles. I know you want the ps3 to win but really what do they have left?

darthv723102d ago

I can honestly say I have GT1 and GT3 in my collection and probably will get GT5 at some point. It has taken so long for this game that I am actually losing interest. They keep pushing it back because of something sony is doing (just seems to be coincidental).

They are keeping it back it seems now because of 3D support. Come on already. Either release the damn game or GTFO!

sorry..i just hate it when people bring up GT5 as if we had never heard of it coming out. At least with reach it has been in development a reasonable amoutn of time. GT5 is turning into sony's answer to "too human"

Aquanox3102d ago

The GAP is currently around 6 million and Halo Reach is just around the corner followed by project Natal.

Do you guys really think Sony will continue shrinking the gap? See you in January =)

cmrbe3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

You guys really don't get it. Once a console reach mass market price that's when it get its most sales. It has always been the case in all previous consoles. x360 has been at mass market price going up to two years now. What this means is that the x360 has been affordable to mass consumer for almost two years now and yet its sales are still in decline. When a console hit mass market price its affordable to mass consumers that price is no longer a barrier. Meaning if someone wanted a x360 for the last 2 years they would have already must have bought one because they are affordable. What this also means is that any small price drop from MS will not make a huge difference sales wise as the x360 has been cheap for almost tow years now to mass consumers.

PS3 on the otherhand is still at 299. Once the PS3 reaches 199 it will be at mass market price and will be affordable to the mass consumers. Meaning that it will have a much bigger effect.

For comparison sake MGS4 pushed as many PS3 as Halo 3 did for x360 even though Halo 3 came out during the holiday season while MGS4 came out in Summer 2008.

June NPD 2008
Nintendo DS, 783,000 sales
Nintendo Wii, 666,700 sales
PlayStation 3, 405,500 sales
PlayStation Portable, 337,400 sales
Xbox 360, 219,800 sales
PlayStation 2, 188,800 sales

Media Create June 2008
PS3 138,835
Xbox 360 16,878

MGS is not anywhere near as big as GT is in terms of selling power because MGS has always been for the hardcore MGS fans. GT on the otherhand is for everyone. There are more people that love cars than gamers in the the world. Thats why GT is so big. On top of that GT is big in every region like MGS is unlike Halo that is mostly big in NA. Its funny you guys downplaying GT yet you have no idea how big it is.

@scissor_runner: And GOW3 will outsell the GOW2 within 2 months on 1/4 the installbase of the PS2. What's your point?. Its amazing that you use GT3 and GT4 to show some sort of trend and yet you forget that GT3 came out when there was no piracy on the PS2 and there was much less competition compare to when GT4 came out.

How about this for a trend. GT5P 4 million GT4P 1.36 million

Metfanant3102d ago

you can't see how the PS3 can have outsold the 360 since 2007 but still be in third place??? the numbers are right in front of you, you just REFUSE to believe it lol...

the 360 was on the market for an entire year before the PS3...that is why the PS3 is still behind in lifetime sales...but since the PS3 launched it has outsold the 360...that is why the gap is only going to be ~4.5 million...when everyone knows the 360 sold more than that in its first year...

jaysquared3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

You can put all the numbers you have now but what it comes do is M$ and Nintendo improved their sales this Generation while the PS3 has lagged behind in sales. Sony went from 1st place the last 2 generations with the PS2 and PS1 to currently last! Say whatever it is that makes you feel better about your PS3 but we all know who's improved this generation and who shot themselves in the foot! Seriously N4G is a magnet for Sony Fanboys!

@below- Isn't that what business is all about.. Improving from previous tries?

cmrbe3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

What?. Can't counter my points?. hehe. You are not the first. So its about the most improve now?. LMAO!!!. What if you completely suck ass last gen?. Man you guys are hilarious. So because the x360 imporved it suck less this gen?. lol! FYI the PS3 is selling faster than the PS1 did. Its the 3rd fastest selling console behind the wii and PS2.

Edit: You really must be a young person. Business is all about profit. Thats the bottom line.

bnaked3102d ago

GT5 will be the biggest game of this generation. No game has more influence. Racing fans all over the world are waiting for this masterpiece. Have you ever seen a Forza 3 article in car magazines? I can tell you, when GT5 is released, you will see many reports in the news in many countries. I mean, it IS so f*cking big! Halo 3 was in the news too, but only because of the Hype, not because of the Game.

kunit22c3102d ago

If this site was honestly run by Sony fanboys(which no one actually brought up in this specific article) these 360 fanboys would all be out of bubbles because their ignorance just astounds me! Natsu, IdleLeeSiuLung, Aquanox, jaysquared, ape, Hallmark Moment, and cold(even though he actually didn't post on this), would have all been out of bubbles long ago because their illogical fanboy comments are just sad. They don't even try to be clever or sneaky about it or anything they are just straight out illogical and ignorant. I actually don't mind fanboy comments as long as they make sense but none of these guys's comments use logic of any kind! Unlike Alpha-Male, even though he gets a million disagrees, Which I don't understand, most of his comments make sense, unlike all you other 360 fanboys, but anyways, OT:

Sony sent out their console a year later, had a way bigger price tag, and now that they are the same price, and Microsoft even has a cheaper console the arcade ($100 cheaper) look at the sales...


I think that says something... considering the PS3 is selling more than 10 times what the 360 is..

cayal3102d ago

"Buu.. buu.. buuuut the PS3 has been beating the 360 in sales since 2007! If that's true why are they still in 3rd place?"

Why has the gap shrunk from when the PS3 was first introduced to now? Oh right, more sales.

You can't deny that fact...well you are a fanboy so no doubt you'll try.

Dee_913102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

You being serious or are you joking?

@kunit22c lol yea atleast sony fanboys sometimes actually make sense

but these xboxfanboys are true to their name