New Super Mario Galaxy 2 video

Nintendo has released another new Super Mario Galaxy 2 video which features 2.5D platforming.

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whateva3099d ago

They should really make a remake to SM2 & SM3 like they did New Super Mario Bro's.

it's Money in the bank every time because we already love the games.

Valay3100d ago

It's definitely nice to see them expanding on the 2.5D platforming from the first game. Looks like there will be a bunch more of these in this title.

Ziriux3099d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this game at E3.

Valay3099d ago

It's actually going to be out before E3! We're about a month away now.

tunaks13098d ago

can't wait for this game,
I went back and played some galaxy 1 and super mario 64!!