First gameplay footage of Toy Story 3

Disney Interactive Studios has released the first gameplay footage of Toy Story 3: The Video Game, which sees Woody cow-flinging, Jessie dart-hopping, and Buzz... butt-surfing.

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ehsham javed3722d ago

this actually looks fun i might get it for my lil bro :)

whateva3722d ago

looks good kids will love it!


Stop lying to yourself. We want this game. No kids, no brothers, no whatever...

At least around here, if any of my nephews and nieces touch it while my playthrough I'll eat them alive! /jk

Kingdom Come3722d ago

Ah Toy Story, How I loved you as a Child! :]

ehsham javed3722d ago

goood times , good times :)

belal3722d ago

but i will still watch toy story 3 just because it's my childhood fav movie. it brings up so many memories. i loved toy story 1 and 2.


I'm 23 and will watch it too. Don't you worry, people way older than us will watch it regardless of their childs, just because it's a fun movie.

Nothing wrong with that.

anonymouse1113353722d ago

A lot of people way older will watch it as well, appreciators of animation and such. I kind of grew out of cartoons and watch anime (still cartoons just from a different country but usually have more substance as they're not all aimed at little kids) but I still watch a occasional pixar movie.

Might get this for the nostalgia if I get a PS3 soon.

heihoosilver3722d ago

im 33 and i watch all cartoons movies. i still see dragon ball after all this time...

Jamaicangmr3722d ago

Hope they get some good voice acting because thats a great part of my draw to the francise.

CellularDivision3722d ago

I kinda wish this game was made by Insomniac.

El_Colombiano3722d ago

It would be PS3 exclusive then. How would you play it?

rezzah3722d ago

Why? Tt already looks great And nothing seems to be bad about the gameplay.

Ult iMate3722d ago

..since they made TS1 and TS2, which were really great platformers.
But the developer for TS3 is Avalanche Software and I don't what quality of gameplay to expect. Their's Tak games are kind of fun.

BannedForNineYears3722d ago

"It will be a PS3 exclusive"
Not necessarily, Insomniac is an independent company.

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The story is too old to be commented.