Immersion Issues Patent Licenses for Tactile Feedback Video Game Console Peripherals

Immersion Corporation today announced that gaming peripheral manufacturers Hori and Katana Game Accessories have both entered into patent licenses with Immersion, including rights for advanced vibro-tactile, spinning mass gaming technologies for dedicated portable gaming devices and computer and console video gaming peripherals. Hori develops peripherals and accessories for gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo products. Katana designs, manufactures, and in September 2007, will begin distributing peripherals for Sony PlayStation products in North America. Under the terms of the license, these products will now bear Immersion's Feel The Game® TouchSense® Technology logo.

"All our products are built with the strictest standard of quality," said Yuuki Mizutani, of Hori (U.S.A.). "Rumble technology is one of the key features that makes playing racing and flight simulator games on Hori controllers easier and more realistic."

"As a company that has just entered the console accessory business, Katana is focused on providing very high-quality products to enhance the Sony PlayStation gaming experience," said Katana President Chris McGlynn. "We consider Immersion's technology a key ingredient and look forward to putting it to work for PlayStation gamers."

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renegade4303d ago

Yeah rumble is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

sony fan4302d ago

I'm soooo glad sony has finally caught up with the last generation. I don't care that sony told me " Rumble is last gen" and that " were not into gimmicks". Only to go back and add rumble and gimmeckie touch screens. I don't even care that sony told me the wii was a gimmick even though they rushed to put motion control into their controls after seeing the wii, which is pretty useless, yea I get to tilt my controller, yea. The only people that think tilting the controller a little is cool are the 8 year olds. but wait, what if I want to RELAX while I play games and not have to hold the controller in a specific spot, oh just turn it off, like every PS3 owner does once they realize how gimmickie and retarded the sixaxis is, and here is some more gimicks from the non-gimmick company for us, yea sony

Creepa at GameManx4303d ago

Bring out the Booze RUMBLE IS BACK baby!!!!

fenderputty4303d ago

to go along with heavenly sword and warhawk. Sh1t Sony ... I'm going to be broke.

aaquib24303d ago

Sony is on FIRE today, and pretty much everything on this site is all about Sony's E3. What can I say? They deserved it. They focused on great games, and showed us a taste of what we can expect. They stopped being so arrogant and signed some exclusive deals, and they're delivering the best experiences for PS3 and taking advantage of the technology. I was tired of waiting and finally I think I can say THIS IS LIVING and PLAY B3YOND.

pwnsause4303d ago

wait rumbles back???? sony better confirm this if these are words comming from immersion.,..

renegade4303d ago

yeah we are waiting for ...

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