Just Cause 2 'Black Market' DLC Landing April 29th

Ex: "If you've spent any amount of time playing in the fictional island paradise of Panua, you've probably thought to yourself "It would be incredible to have a laser-guided rocket launcher that can lock on 4 targets at once!" Or for the verticality fanatics: "How awesome would it be to have dual-jet thrusters on this parachute?"

Fortunately, Eidos and Square-Enix have been eavesdropping on your whimsical imagination and have just announced 2 upcoming DLC packs which appeal to your destructive desires."

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CrAppleton3196d ago

Cool that they're listening to the fans!

CrAppleton3196d ago

Laser-guided rocket launcher.. 4 targets at once... OMFG that's awesome!

creeping judas3196d ago

I love this game!!! I think it's the best open world game ever!!!

R2-JD3196d ago

I agree with you. Best open world game ever! No other open world game has the scale and detail that Just Cause 2 has.

I'm a Mac

Tdmd3196d ago

I just wish environmental like buildings could be destroyed as well. Imagine the mix that would be just cause 2 plus mercenaries! Would be perfect! On the topic: the laser guided rocklauncher sounds awesome, but I didn't understand what is the dual-jet thrusters thing.