Video games 'good for brain'

Violent video games like Call of Duty and Resident Evil make you SMARTER, new research has revealed.

The study says shoot-to-kill video games improve quick-thinking and make players more able to cope with the demands of modern life.

It refutes claims video games turn teenagers into violent criminals - and argues parents should encourage their kids to enjoy a bit of virtual blood-and-guts.

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NovusTerminus3098d ago

I am pretty sure DMC and NG have the same effect.

Darkstorn3098d ago

I'm skeptical of this research, personally.

On the other hand, I definitely think Ninja Gaiden has made me more open to challenging myself...

Army_of_Darkness3098d ago

GOW3 got me thinking at moments, Haha! I don't know if thats a good or bad thing?! But gawddammit! I'm ready to take on highschool all over again!!! Math class! yeah, I'm lookin at you punk!

Bodster3098d ago

Sounds about right, most scientific things about gaming has the opposite effect...

Yep, sounds perfectly reasonable :)

WildArmed3098d ago

I think the main difference is:
Studying Video gaming habits of an addict (50++ hours a week)
Studying Video gaming habits of a 'normal' gamer.. (10~15 hours a week)

Second one does definitely does do you good.

but the first case, it does more harm than good.

(ofc, I'mma first case addict lol.. i mean why else would i be on n4g right?)...

back to my 7 page paper due in 40 mins >.<

Otheros003098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Sure just like brain age increase your IQ.


IrieMars3098d ago

I thought they just found that those brain age games really didn't do crap to increase ones intelligence?

NateNater3098d ago

Apparently Brain Age does nothing for your brain but running around and shooting everybody in sight during a CoD match does. Go figure.

iceman063097d ago

but it WILL train or develop reflex arcs in the brain to access and process information faster. This can be done by repetition of other exercises as well...but done in "video game" format seems to have caught on. It is probably more useful for younger players (those that are still in the "wiring process" of brain development) and those that are older (whose brain is starting to slowly unravel those wired processes).

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The story is too old to be commented.