Will You Play Video Games At Age 100?

Stephen Tolito from Kotaku writes: People who live to age 100 are awesome, I think. It's good, right? Living to triple digits? Apparently so-called centenarians are not just impressive people but potential video gamers. That's got me thinking, what would I play at age 100?

I'd never thought about gaming at age 100 before, not until I found an article this morning from British publication Marketing Week that recognizes 100-year-olds not just as a burgeoning market but one ideal for Nintendo. The famous game company has already been selling its Wii to seniors, as we know from the many stories about the console providing joy to nursing homes.

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NateNater3104d ago

Will video games even exits when I'm 100? I think that's a better question.

But yea I see no reason to stop playing at age 100...if I make it that far :-P