New White Knight Chronicles 2 Screenshots

Check out the latest White Knight Chronicles 2 screens at PlayStation University.

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knightdarkbox4114d ago

looks crap like the first game.

Seriously expected much more from the studio behind Dark Cloud.

incredibly generic..

such a waste of a promising IP..

WTH happened!? Level-5 perfected their gameplay in past games how did they screw it up here in this crap game?

xTruthx4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

"looks crap like the first game"

You clearly didnt play the first 1. This was a new IP yet it managed to have better graphics than star ocean(even if both have different art styles, IMO WK looks better), which is a well stablished ip. You havent played many RPGs I guess, wana start naming a few who look better on consoles right now ?

nskinnear4114d ago

I thought the first game was a little boring, but it at least looked pretty good. There were a few minor issues I had with WKC that I would love to see fixed in WKC2. Right now I'm definitely going to buy WKC2 for the story... just hope to see some gameplay improvements as well.

nskinnear4114d ago

@Truth -- Yeah, WKC is one of the best looking RPGs out there. I think FFXIII looks a bit better, but given development time and the number of resources that went into FFXIII, I can see why it ended up looking better (plus, it released a year later in Japan).

So, yeah, WKC really did look impressive.