Sony could bring 3D to almost any TV.

Sony has just released a new firmware update for 3D Games. They will be releasing another one later this summer for 3D Blu-Ray. The PS3 is already defying the need for HDMI 1.4 so there is a good chance the PS3 could take any TV that has at least a 120 Hz refresh rate and make it show 3D content.

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Godmars2903099d ago

The question is will Sony advertise that non-3DTVs can be made into one? Have people scrambling for "cheaper" last year model sets that are under a grand, or get their new $2K ones.

vhero3099d ago

Who you think would win the 3D war here MS who says you have to buy there limited 3D TV range or Sony who could bring 3D to practically any TV?? Not just 3D enabled ones..

NOOBKILLA3099d ago

Heck no they won't advertise it! LOL! The percentage of people that are tech geeks that will know current 120Hz TVs can display TVs will be very small.

There will still be a lot of people running out buying Sony's new 3D display.

Personally, I am waiting till the 2nd or 3rd generation 3Dtv to upgrade my TV. When all NFL games, NBA games, and most AAA gaming titles are in 3D I will be ready to upgrade.

NateNater3099d ago

I doubt they would be advertising it a lot. That would mean less sales for the 3D-Ready TVs that Sony makes.

And as for people who scramble for the cheaper models, that's me. Dropping 2 grand or more on a TV that's going to have a slightly better version next year just seems like a bad choice. But that's just me.

Godmars2903099d ago

The 360 just isn't in the position to exploit 3D the way the PS3 is. Its not about MS vs Sony, but Sony vs Sony. Bundle deals with a PS3, GT5 with a 3D patch, Avatar on BR and last years model Bravia, or one with just Avatar on BR, a BR player and the latest model Bravia.

And I for one want an off-switch option. Keep 3D for special or in the mood occasions. Not have it shoved down my throat.

pimpmaster3099d ago

this is what i said a long time ago. y isnt there just an updateto make a tv 3d. my tv has 120 hz 1080p its perfectly capable of 3d all it needs is the software update. i wonder if u can just flash it with the F/W of the new samsung 3d tvs and itll work?

Neo6043099d ago

I'm glad that I don't need to buy a new 3D BR player.
I got a machine that does almost every thing media.

darthv723099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

They created a software that works with hdmi equiped ps3 (1.3) and 360 (1.2) that when connected to a 3d tv and a pair of shutter glasses can make movies (and possibly games) run in 3d.

I myself have a 60hz samsung plasma 720p pn42b450 which supports 3d. I guess plasmas dont have as strict requirements as lcd?

IdleLeeSiuLung3099d ago

In the last 3-4 years, I have bought a Wii, Xbox 360 and a PS3. To add to that, I bought a 40" Sony LCD TV so I ain't dropping another $1000+ for a new TV.

They want me to splurge on 3D, make it $200 or less!

Darkstorn3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I just hope that the introduction of 3D TVs will help drop the prices of 'old' HDTVs. For those who still haven't upgraded to HD because of cost issues, such as myself, this should get HDTVs into many more households, with or without 3D (which, honestly, I don't give a rat's ass about).

e3kehoe3099d ago

I bought my samsung ser6
1080p 120hz because of talk about 3d.. Don't want to upgrade yet .please let it work..
But what about the glasses??seems that the glasses sink with the tvs not a adapter like the nvidea vision.

Any ideas?

ItsMeMeMe3099d ago

3D TVs will still sell because millions of people want to see the English Premier League live in 3D. The PS3 will not be able to do that.

Anon19743099d ago

I'm a home theater projector guy and for the last year they have been advertising projectors capable of 120hz as "3D ready" but there was no word on if this new 3d tech would actually work on these supposed "3D ready" sets.

I hope they do. I can't see myself going back to a regular tv after a few years of playing games on a 1080p projector on a 92" screen. I want 3D, I never thought I'd see full color 3D in homes in my lifetime, but I wasn't prepared to give up on my projector.

cliffbo3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

you need hdmi 1.4 for 3dtv also subfield 600hz does not equal 120hz as it ultimately only achieves a smoother picture at 60hz only.

although if you have a 120hz tv with hdmi 1.3+ you may be in luck with a firmware upgrade.

kneon3099d ago

Whether this can work will depend on whether the PS3 will be the sync source for the glasses. With 3D TV the glasses sync with the TV, for this to work the glasses need to sync with the PS3 and somehow compensate for the latency between the PS3 sending the signal out and the TV displaying it.

vhero3098d ago

If you buy a 3D TV you shouldn't need the expensive glasses as far as I am aware just those cheap things you get given in the cinemas. Those glasses are for people without 3D TV's like in this article. You can either get an expensive 3D TV to do the 3D for you or the glasses you don't have to buy both as far as I aware.

kneon3098d ago


No, the 3D TV's do in fact require the expensive glasses. The cheap movie theater glasses use polarization to create the 3D effect, the current crop of 3D TVs require active shutter glasses.

Shrinkwrap3098d ago

If Sony does not make it work on all TV's, it will be a very big mistake and a very slow start to profit on their side.

Hopfully they will make it work with the Photos also.
Put out a 3D digital camera for mini clips and pictures.

Cha Ching....

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Hallmark Moment3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

I'm not buying into this. It will probably be half assed. I'm not trying this on my new Samsung C650 LCD. Sony tech will probably mess up my set with Screen Retention or something.

claterz3099d ago

Can't realy expect Sony doing anything "half assed" to be honest, they're not Micrsoft.

Hallmark Moment3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

LOL this fanboy was offended and turned what I said into a console war. I said fanboy-

"Can't realy expect Sony doing anything "half assed"

"they're not Micrsoft"

claterz3099d ago

I'm just making the most of being in the open zone :)
Why are people complaining about people being fanboys in the open zone?? lol.

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Roper3163099d ago

I have a 52" 120hz Bravia XBR series 4, so bring on the 3D!! I am alot more interested in the 3D then the motion controls.

humble_gamer3099d ago

and im not about to buy a new one for i hope this article is true

CadDad3099d ago

3rd! ....on having that same TV. :)


xxsnowmanxx3099d ago

i've got the Z series Bravia 240Hz just last august... hopefully they'll be an adapter so i wont have to buy a new TV!

Tony240ZT3099d ago

Same here, they had a nice sale over at best buy for the Z series that included a PS3 end of last year that I couldn't pass up. And it looked as good as the bravia next to it.

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respn3099d ago

Sony hasn't really done anything. It is a known fact for anyone who doesn't buy into the hype that a 3d tv is really nothing more than a 120hz tv. Enjoy your glasses kids. Here in the future we have a thing called "Eyes".

The real killer3099d ago

Sony is all ready working with that technology, what hell you talking about? This is like HD ready against FULL HD when those TV arriving