Video proof that controller-less games were also crap in the 80s

GamesRadar writes: Call us old-fashioned, but we prefer to play our games with a controller. Arm waving in front of a camera is a little too much like, well, waving your arms about in front of a camera. The novelty of seeing ourselves on TV and pretending to hit things that aren't there wore off at around the 23 second mark during our first go with the original PS2 EyeToy. Screw that.

And if footage from 80s US TV show, Total Panic, is anything to go by, this most miserable of gaming pursuits has always been intangibly rubbish. The game's called Eat-a-Bug, it's a showcase of 'pioneering' virtual technology running on an Amiga and it looks terrible. In fact, it looks exactly like an EyeToy game from the space year 2003.

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GiantEnemyCrab3153d ago

Thankfully the tech has come a million miles to where we are today.

I mean you could say the Power Glove proved that waggle was crap in the 80's as well but then Nintendo would probably laugh at you while they wipe their arses with $100 bills.