Splinter Cell: Conviction Sells Over 500K Within A Week

PlayStrum writes: "The Xbox 360 version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction managed to pull in more impressive first week sales numbers than its predecessor - Splinter Cell: Double Agent - by selling an estimated 500,000 copies. The release of this latest Splinter Cell game might have helped the 360 pull ahead of the PS3 in America last week, selling 5,000 units more. Although it was a slow week overall, those extra few thousand units may have been sold through the Special Edition 360 Bundle."

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gaffyh3153d ago

Good sales, I expected a little more to be honest, but overall, I think I said it before, I expect 1.5 - 2 million lifetime sales on 360 for conviction. Also it's a good game, granted I've only played an hour of it so far, and it is very different to normal splinter cells, but still good.

Joule3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

When ps3 exclusives sell this much in one week its fail in xbox fanboys eyes, but splinter cell sold 500K and it was bundle'd with the 360 and its a "good sales for a good game"??? hmmm

Shouldn't it be a fail? Explain?

HolyOrangeCows3153d ago

Doesn't deserve it. They gimped the stealth options, it runs on old tech (UE2) in sub-HD, it's short as heck, etc, etc, etc.

IcarusOne3153d ago

From what I've seen, 500k = fail on PS3 because the fanboys go apesh!t about how said game will be the most amazing thing since the birth of the sun. As far as I know, no one really claimed or expected SCC to be a blockbuster.

OT: good sales for a good game. Anyone complaining about the "gimped stealth, old tech, etc etc etc" clearly has not played the game. This is a great example of how you don't need bleeding edge tech to make a fun gamer experience. The coop is awesome and the SP, albeit short, was butt loads of cool.

Biggest3153d ago

Except all of the 360 fanboys called Splinter Cell the graphics king to be AND the MGS4 destroyer. You don't even have to look hard to find their comments.

Tony-A3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

So the expectancy of success for a game is based on what a group of guys on N4G say? Of course they're gonna say it's amazing. They wanna support it, whether it be the different way to play or the fact that it's a PS3 exclusive.

500K on PS3 for one week shouldn't be a fail because a random, no-name dude said so on the internet. If anything, it should be based on normative patterns. Splinter Cell is an action/shooter game. Action/shooter games normally - especially this year - do slightly more than 500K for one week.

Just based on Mass Effect (980K, considering it an "action" game) and God of War (1.250K) for their one-week sales.

500K for an action/shooter game, to me, would be average/above average.
500K for an FPS, to me, would be a grade of C/C-
500K for a "movie", to me, would be pretty good

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Natsu X FairyTail3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

but the fanboys said SplinterCell wasnt a SYSTEM SELLER

oh well , guess they got proven wrong ONCE AGAIN.

WildArmed3153d ago

lol but by fanboy logic, 500k is de phailz =/

blitz06233153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

lol Natsu, sounds like someone's butthurt? It ISN'T a system seller like the fanboys said. 500k is a good number, but not something you would call a system seller. Would you call MW2 a system seller then since it sold millions in just ONE DAY on the 360?

EDIT: Idk Natsu, from what I know the 360 is still slightly outselling the PS3, so I THINK the 5k gap that week wasn't entirely due to SCC, but you do have a point.

Tony-A3153d ago

Guys, I think he just forgot that Heavy Rain did the same thing for the PS3. It also sold more it's first week.

Natsu X FairyTail3153d ago

Xbox moved 5000 More Units than the PS3 on that week. So I guess it was a System seller. And What does Heavy Rain have to do with this? Is this article about PS3 games?

Tony-A3153d ago

Did you miss the paragraph about Heavy Rain completely or did you just not read at all?

They showed a quick comparison of the two due to similar success. Heavy Rain sold more at the same 1 week time slot. Heavy Rain also moved some units (allegedly) just like Conviction (allegedly).

Hallmark Moment3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

360 sales will be picking up and taking off for the rest of the year. Why does 360 news have more PS3 fan attention? SCC was a smash hit at E3 I'm not sure how anybody thought the game was not going to push both software and hardware.

3153d ago
Lionhead3153d ago

Natsu gets so angry, so easily.

Greywulf3153d ago Show
Vicophine3153d ago

500k within a week isn't very good, considering God of War, a less established franchise, destroyed it, and it's only one platform as well.

Natsu, U MAD?

Hallmark Moment3153d ago

Why do you call Natsu out when you're the one trolling?

Speak2theHand3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

While i do agree 500k is a little low for the series for first week. But saying God OF War is a less established franchise? Are you serious, you cant be serious your joking right?

shawnmelo3153d ago

god of war less established franchise? Do you know what you are saying?

Erotic Sheep3153d ago

Natsu, the fact that you're so surprised about someone mentioning Heavy Rain shows you don't read articles at all and just comment on the headline. Stupidity at it's finest...

Persistantthug3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Also, hasn't Splinter cell been out several years before God Of War?
And then on top of that, doesn't Splinter Cell have more overall games available?

I'd like to submit that SPLINTER CELL as a whole has been more established "FRANCHISE" than GOD OF WAR.

However, God Of War (as a video game) happens to be more Critically Acclaimed.

Natsu X FairyTail3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

I read the article. But my Post Wasnt about Heavy Rain being Mentioned in the article . This is about SC:Conviction sales. And Why would I be mad?

and lol @ Gow being less established franchize. Well aint that some BS! And yeah Why are you guys bringing GoW in this to?

see what im talking about? It's always some playstation fans in a xbox360 article bringing in useless crap.

HolaTarola3153d ago

So what? conViction is heading to PS3 so.. who cares?!

PS360_373153d ago

Vicophin....GOW 3 is probably the best established game released besides MGS4.

Hakimy3152d ago

actually this proves that SC wasn't a system seller and i'll tell you why:
-xbox360 sold 70k this week in america.if i'm not mistaken,this is the lowest week sales for xbox360 in 2010 so far! A system seller means a spike in sales but as we can see , it's the opposite here.
-500k for SC is for america and europe so we should look at europe numbers as well,yet we can see that the ps3 outsold the xbox360 with almost 18k units,with worldwide sales showing that ps3 outsold xbox360 with 36k does this look like a system seller to you?
SC is a great game but obviously it wasn't the system seller which some people thought it would ;)

WildArmed3152d ago

Btw, Natsu from Fairytail is a very bad tempered person ^_^
So he is just getting into character..
Leave natsu alone D:
Otherwise Fairytail will hunt you done.. and you dont want Erza on your ass..

OT: 500k is a good number for a rebooting of the franchise.
Gratz ubi.
Atleast your delivering good games to us (unlike Activision)

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xaviertooth3153d ago

mass effect 2 and splinter cell, xbox 360's supposed to be biggest exclusives this year and will compete with god of war 3 can't even sell 1M 1 week? what happen bots? did momma forget your allowance? lol!

blasian3153d ago

ya then metro i dont even think hit 300k lol everyone knew if it doesnt have halo or gears its not going anywhere

clarkjudo3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

With allot of game exclusives that the Xbox has and is coming out this year. Plus other non exclusive games. Your not going to see allot spending at every game release. This year, some will wait until nearly the end of the year to make their choices. With the economy, this is the new rule.

More money to save and spend. If you have less exclusives and other non exclusive games (PSss on m3 blu ray players). You will see a difference in sales on new releases.

PS360_373153d ago

metro was also not as good as the developers made it out to sounds. If the reviews would have been better than you could guarantee better sales.

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