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Maticus3734d ago

Things are heating up in WoW, I'm expecting the beta announcement any day now.

Fyzzu3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I know I won't get in, but I'm looking forward to hearing more on it anyway :)

Dorjan3734d ago

lots going on as usual!

Leord3734d ago

Can't get enough of TERA art, but not sure if I want to play the game...

Fyzzu3734d ago

That Passport system for EverQuest II is utter, utter tosh. Seriously. $5 for three consecutive days, and you can't do it more than once a month? That's *ridiculous*. If I actually see anyone using that I will HIT them.

Malfurion3734d ago

It's pretty terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if it's changed sooner or later.