ARS: No more shackles: single-player StarCraft 2 goes full-bore

ARS: StarCraft 2 Lead Designer Dustin Browder is holding court in the theater of Blizzard's main office in Irvine, California. We're waiting for the data from the game to be moved onto the computer hooked up to the projector, and numerous beeps from the PC behind him seem to be a distraction. Browder uses the time to answer some questions about the game.

"The Protoss are winning," he tells someone who asked about game balancing. "And they're winning alot." According to their stats, when Terran faces Zerg, or Protoss faces Zerg, the win/loss numbers are within 1 percent of each other. When Protoss faces Terran, there is a five percent advantage to Protoss. He says they're still gathering data, and points out that there are regional differences as well: on the Korean servers, the Zerg seem to need to be somewhat nerfed, as that race is dominating. In the US, the Zerg seem to need a little help.

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