Microsoft's Marc Whitten on Xbox 360's Project Natal

"If you counted the number of buttons in your living room, it would send a chill down your spine. A lot of people can play games amazingly well, but others feel locked out if games involve a bunch of triggers and buttons. Natal solves that by using 3-D sensors and cameras that let you be the controller. If you want to do the spin-kick serve, no programmer has to implement the spin-kick-serve button. You just do it, and it works.

But Natal isn't just about gaming -- it's about all living-room experiences. Imagine a sporting event -- Natal could know which team you're for because it sees your jersey, or knows you thought a bad call was made when you yell 'boo.' It learns about you and gets smarter to create a more tailored entertainment experience."

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guerojose3733d ago

I predicted this months ago. They're beginning to realize the inherent problems with this as a game controller, and that they're just not going to solve the technical problems. Therefore, they'll start to shift expectations, and try to wow people with promises of Minority Report tv remote controls, play up the whole AI angle, and whatever other non-gaming fluff they can think of.

This is a big bag of hurt, and I can't wait for E3. Smoke and mirrors aren't gonna fly, and they can't hide it any more.

Nineball21123733d ago

And I understand it's business. I just hope the hype-train doesn't de-rail IF natal can't quite do all the things they say it can.

Notice I said IF, because IF it does work as "advertised", I think a lot of people will be happy to have this as another option in their gaming/living room set up.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

feelintheflow3733d ago

I think the problem is that early on it was said that you would not need a controller anymore. I think that in terms of using Natal as another option, or an added experience is what they should have been saying from the beginning. Yes some games will not require a controller, like ricochet and some other casual things. Some will use Natal as an added experience. I have been hyped from the beginning to use Natal as another form of interaction with my Tv. I would love to have a Natal hooked up to my media server that houses about 400 movies and be able to walk into a room, it recognizes that its me, and my favorite movie playlist or music playlist pops up on the screen. I say, "Play Caddyshack", and instantly the movie pops on. So I think that if you look at it like that, and Natal actually does what they say, it will be changing the way we do things in our living room. Its not just for games. I am just sick of the "hardcore" gamer blabbing on and on about how it won't work for hardcore games. Hey if it doesn't, so what, most hardcore gamers weren't going to use it anyway. It is for casuals, and the hardcore gamer like me, that doesn't act like I am above such things as wii sports. I enjoy that too. I can't wait for e3, and if it doesn't work, no skin off my neck. Its not like I will lose my job, or any sleep over it.

i3eyond the Circle3733d ago

It's been set in stone. Core Gamers who love controllers will not be left behind.

Let Natal live and see how it progresses.

I'm getting one just to nav on my dashboard.

claterz3733d ago

In all these Natal articles, there seems to be a bit too much "Imagine if...."

GameOn3733d ago

Well, gaming is very much limited by the imagination.

Megaton3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

The PR language surrounding this is all very Molyneux-esque, even when it's not coming directly from him. That's a bad thing, for those who haven't been keeping score at home.

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