Fallout 3: The Dark Side (Resolution Magazine)

Resolution Magazine: "I feel as if it's somehow my fault that I don't enjoy Fallout 3. I feel as if I haven't made enough effort. Everyone else seems to like it. Forum threads are heaving with praise, critics gush over its never-diminishing returns. I feel like the lone voice of dissent, the guy standing there saying, "Look! The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes.""

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CellularDivision3188d ago

Fallout 3 is SO 08, why are people writing articles about it?

Currently playing Operation: Anchorage.
So epic.

DocHoliday3188d ago

Fallout3 was probably my most played title this generation. Can't wait for New Vegas.

Bolts3188d ago

They need to make Fallout more like Mass Effect. The problem with Fallout is compromise between VATS and the regular FPS mode. VATS should be a special ability, one that is rarely needed and used only to make those critical shots. Instead the entire game degraded into a VATs fest. Its way overpowered.