The Elegance Of Metroid: Yoshio Sakamoto Speaks

As creator of the Metroid franchise, 28-year Nintendo veteran Yoshio Sakamoto has seen many evolutions on the series over the years. The quirky designer, whose versatility and unique approach has allowed him to build properties as different from Metroid and from one another as Wario Ware and Tomodachi Collection, now has the opportunity to guide Metroid's newest adventure -- the upcoming Other M, in collaboration with Team Ninja.

Here, Sakamoto talks to Gamasutra about why he feels the Metroid series has endured for so many console generations, despite changing developers over the years -- expanding on the widely-praised elegance of Super Metroid and the root of the game's emotional impact.

He also talks about working with Team Ninja on Other M, and why the game's narrative goals necessitate a new approach to storytelling for the franchise.

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eagle213104d ago

It's one of the greatest franchises ever and to play it is to love it. :)

EvilTwin3103d ago

Great interview.

Love the bromance with Team Ninja. ; )