StarCraft II Designer Browder: 'We're Not Trying To Be Innovative'

We're not trying to be innovative," says StarCraft II design director Dustin Browder when confronted with criticism that the anticipated real-time strategy title's multiplayer gameplay has not sufficiently evolved since its predecessor's 1998 release.

"We're not trying to change for change's sake," Browder told Gamasutra as part of a larger forthcoming interview. "We're just trying to make quality, and we definitely felt there were some things in the previous game that were high quality, that we weren't super confident we could do much better."

For example, he added, "I don't have a lot of enthusiasm to make Siege Tank 2.0. Siege Tank is good."

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ExposingLames3152d ago

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! stupid fools today want every game to be changed and steal features from other games

screw them....stay true to starcraft and what its roots are....just add and adjust while updating the title and adding're doing a great job keep it up!

harrisonxxi3152d ago

agreed. starcraft is THE best RTS of all time for a reason, and changing the formula that made it great would be stupid. The beta plays amazingly well, and is relatively balanced.

Kyle12123152d ago


You guys in the beta? pretty f*cking awesome game i must say.

lzim3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

face palm.

why even comment since this was obvious from the screens, then videos, and reinforced by the beta?

It'll still sell millions upon millions of copies. Blizzard doesn't have to innovate, even if they wanted to, and why would they? they've got a story to tell and are 6 years late with a sequel to Starcraft that's going to sell itself.

Theere would be mobs.. nations full.. if they pulled an EA and massacred Starcraft.. and it still wouldn't affect them since WoW still floats their boat.


still.. could they be more arrogant? why upgrade what we have.. it's already perfect @[email protected]

I'd just love for any SC sycophant to nudge the rock off their heads and present them with samples of the last twelve years of RTS innovation.. like full camera control.. you know spinning the camera and zooming out to take in the entire scene...

siege tank 2.0 is the leaset they could do, full planets, interplanetary combat and tech trees that lead to planet busters.. that would be worth 12 years of waiting.

mittwaffen3152d ago

is slowly becoming worse and worse of a company.

They'll learn eventually.

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