Are video games still considered nerdy? Everyone is doing it

resumeplay writes: "Games might have started out a family thing in the beginning but quickly became something that had a following once it evolved into more than just pong. For a while, gamers were ridiculed by either being made fun of or just being in the stereotype of living in your parents basement playing games through the night."

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Hellsvacancy3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Id punch ya square in the face if sum mofo called me a nerd (if they where 2 b infront of me of course)

look at this guy oh dear!!!

Im FAR from bein a nerd man, i might do nerdy things but i also do things nerds dream of doin

qface643100d ago

yes they are but it depends on the game

SKGamer3100d ago

Different games have different reputations.

Madden, Call of Duty or Need for Speed? Not as nerdy a reputation.

World of Warcraft, Pokemon, JRPG's? Waaaay nerdy reputation.

SKGamer3100d ago

I think they're still nerdy, yes. But in this day and age, like 75% of all guys age 10-40 are nerdy. We all play video games, we all like to know how our computers work and be able to fix/improve them, we all spend time surfing forums, reading news online, using social networking stuff like Facebook or Twitter. All of that stuff can be considered "nerdy."

We're a society of nerds now, so yeah everyone's doing it. But the word has lost its negative connotation, because its become the norm, not the exception. So video games might still be nerdy, but we're all nerds, so who cares?

Granted, some games have worse reputations than others... playing WoW or Pokemon can make you not just a nerd, but a huge dork as well. Which makes me a nerd and a dork... but at least I admit it.

jnune093100d ago

I still get called a nerd. I can't wait until asking someone if the played the last Zelda game is the equivalent of asking if the saw the new movie.

SKGamer3100d ago

They should be equivalent now...

mau643100d ago

I don't get called anything really anymore... I'm glad too.