Xbox 360 lawsuit emerges (scratched game discs)

In the lawsuit filed in a Florida federal court, Jorge Brouwer said Microsoft had received thousands of complaints but has not replaced all scratched discs. The lawsuit seeks class-action status. Mr Brouwer said his Xbox 360 scratched two games, Gears of War and Madden NFL 07, and that Microsoft offered to replace them for a $US20 ($23.20) fee. He is seeking more than $US5 million in damages, according to the court filing.

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Robotz Rule5186d ago

Dude should get whacked in the head with a bat :)

sony fan5186d ago

I used to have an xbox before I became a true sony believer, we like our disks with hidden spy ware on them! Thats the sony way! But I tilted my xbox a little once with in disc in it and it scratched it, luckily it still works after a few tries, but if you turn on the xbox while it it on it WILL scratch your disc. A lot of people turn it to see the lights change to stay in the right order when they first get their box and decide how they want to sit it. It might be that some boxes have a problem but I have not heard anyone complain about discs that did'nt shut up when they realized the moved the console while it was running.

Also Known As5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

didnt sony recently (i think last year) have a gaming comference in miami or something? That guy must work for sony.

****************NEWS FLASH************************* **
..........Sony camp desperate........Sony camp desperate..........


FordGTGuy5186d ago

the justification of 5 million dollars for a couple scratched discs in court his not going to win this.

Lord Anubis5186d ago

its a class action, it means everyone will benefit.

ReBurn5186d ago

Only lawyers benefit from class action suits.

Merovee5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

Class action means you sue a Company for wrongful, harmful or damaging action on behalf of a number of people experiencing said problem (yes damaging in a financial sense as well) and others experiencing the same problem may contact the Law Firm representing the case and have their claims added to the list up until a cut off date.....In this case apparently the Representing firm feels that 5 million should cover all the people who chose to sign up, and then even if found in fault the Judge may pick any number UP TO the set amount (5mil in this case), which means the actual settlement could be $1 up to $5,000,000.

Does the entire world have a 4th grade education or just N4G members.

the_round_peg5186d ago (Edited 5186d ago )

The bad week keeps on getting worse for Microsoft.

BBsin5186d ago

this is like when that guy sued his local dry cleaners for millions of dollars for losing his pants, then he lost and had to pay thousands (maybe a million, i don't remember) of dollars worth of court fees... and then he still had to pay for his dry cleaned pants!.

Merovee5185d ago

That was a "CIVIL" case this is a Class Action.

ApocalypseShadow5186d ago

robbie bach selling some of his sh!t during microsoft's 1.5 billion announcement to fix systems.

why would he(and not at any other time)sell his sh!t,unless microsoft was in trouble?doesn't he have faith in the company?

this,broken systems and scratched discs.just pathetic.

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The story is too old to be commented.