Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Update

A new matchmaking update has been applied to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The patch is designed to improve the way the game determines the "best" game for players, now focusing more on country than before.

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thetamer3967d ago

I think BFBC2 is the place i'll be. I'm not touching this anymore.

JonnyBadfinger3967d ago

they had their chance to get it right for launch back in November... too little too late.

plus it doesnt mean anything to me i always pull host over americans and europeans anyway.

HSx93967d ago

cmon guys! They only released like their 40th patch now! They just wanted to get some quick cash by releasing the beta, maybe if you participate in the beta we can make this game work!!!!111131

Maticus3967d ago

Good news, unless it results in longer queues.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3967d ago

Havn't noticed it taking longer to get into games. Still getting into games with Yanks hosting though =/

Leord3967d ago

I wonder if they can make it as good matchmaking as the SC2 beta...

Fyzzu3967d ago

I've not had a problem with lag. I have a problem with being matched up against people 20 levels above me.

But what the hey, I play BFBC2 instead, these days :p

TurboBlevi3967d ago

I agree completely with this. Lag hasn't been that bad of an issue for me (I run into a laggy game about 1/3 of the time, still pretty bad). The problem is almost 2/3 of the time I'm matched with 10th Prestige people, and others who are levels 50-70, mixed Prestige.

And I'm only level 31 (I think) in MW2, not even prestige.
So it gives me a bit of a hard time trying to win, or do anything really. Not to mention most of those games end with a chopper gunner, AC130 and harrier in the air on the enemy team. It's just ridiculous.

What happened to the good old UAV, Airstrike then Assault Chopper? So much better in MW1.

LtSkittles3967d ago

Well, I noticed only one guy had lag last night, and I guess it worked to my advantage, because I killed him got first blood, and went to win the match 30-11.

AndyA3967d ago

I do think the killstreak rewards are way OTT in MW2. Love the sentry gun and care package (both very good ideas) but predators, attack chopper, chopper gunner and harriers are all too much, IMO. MW got it just about right - most games of MW2 are dominated by air power within minutes of starting and, while it's clear a lot of people love this, it just seems tedious to me. And yes, I do shoot them down.

dalibor3967d ago

"What happened to the good old UAV, Airstrike then Assault Chopper? So much better in MW1"

I agree. COD4 relied more on your best friend, your weapon to get kills. I still play MW2 from time to time despite commandos/noob tubers running around everywhere. In COD4 if you chose a grenade launcher for your weapon your first perk was lost, something that MW2 does not do. So you could basically have a grenade launcher and still have your 1st perk available. And that commando perk pisses me off more than myrterdom, at least myrterdom was avoidable. I seen people get like 40 kills running around shanking people.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3967d ago

Commando is stupid.
Killstreaks are stupid (Chopper gunner? Seriously?)
It really is just too easy to be a noob and get 150 kills using one man army and noob tubes. (Never done it myself but ive seen it done loads of times?
Nukes. Just why? So we can make the already short games even shorter? So we can ruin the game for everyone else. So we can boost to get an emblem? Seriously, why did anyone think this was good?

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Nitrowolf23967d ago

“As a gamer, you want to play in a lag-free game,”
Dedicated servers would pretty much (almost) eliminte lag, instead of P2P
This option they are doing sounds a bit harder for those isolated as they are still working on thta issue.

dabri53967d ago

You would think wouldn't you... I can promise you it's not a end all solution. There is still lag on dedicated servers.

retrofly3967d ago

Agreed the lag on BFBC2 was terrible.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Terrible? Unless your playing on a foreign server the lag is minimal. MW1 and 2 are a lot worse. I've never played a game that i never lagged in KZ2 Uncharted Halo Gears etc have all had some degree of lag at some point.

dabri53960d ago

I love BC2, haven't touched COD since it came out but I have had a way better latency experience with DOC than with BC. BC even with dedicated servers has taken weeks to get the server running decent. Even now, only the top 6 servers show ping level below 90 for Rush.

-No, I'm not in a foreign country, I run cable internet that is fast. Dedicated servers are not all created equal. There are good ones and bad ones.

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