Pachter: Respawn Will Lower CoD's Sales

Ex-Infinity Ward bosses, West and Zampella's new EA-backed studio, Respawn will lower sales of Activision's future Call of Duty games.

That's according to gaming's own Nostradamus, analyst Michael Pachter, who predicts that increased competition from Respawn will damage CoD's future numbers.

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no_more_trolling3190d ago

i agree with u this time mr white man

dangert123190d ago

we don't no if the people brought in are better
but if respawn do a game that will rival cod and look after there communite it will sh*t all over cod lol


is anyone else not surprised ?

Nitrowolf23190d ago

Just the COD name
There are better games then COD like Battle field bad company 2, but its just the fact that its not a COD game so not many people are interested.
Respawn is going to have hit the ball right away