Blitz: '3D Has Jumped PS3 To Next Generation'

In an interview with NowGamer, CTO and Co-founder of Blitz Games, Andrew Oliver explains why he believes the recent PS3 firmware update - that makes the console '3D ready' - has taken the console into the next generation.

He also explains why the shift to 3D gaming is likely to be a staple of the next generation, fuelled by the movie industry's love of the new tech.

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tripewire3153d ago

He makes a good point that I hadn't thought of. Basically, by turning every PS3 in the world into a 3D Bluray player, Sony are putting (by the time the 3DBR FW upgrade is delivered) about 40 million peices of the new tech into homes overnight. Thats 40 or so millions people who actually have a reason to buy a 3DTV

Well played.

whateva3153d ago

will have a 3D game that's going to make them want to see it in 3D, I know I'm buying a 3D monitor for GT5.

Army_of_Darkness3152d ago

I guess Sony wasn't kidding about next Gen not starting until they say so, Lol!

-Alpha3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

I had always thought 3D was a great way to push the PS3.

And people have to also realize that MOVE+3D= Amazing experience.

3D has always been about immersing yourself into cinema but now it will be used to interact with gaming. Imagine using move to touch the gaming world. It's just one step closer to virtual reality.

It's a brilliant step forward IMO and I think it's going to be the thing that pushes Move sales, especially for casual buyers. The greatest thing that can be pushed is not having to wear 3D glasses.

I am quite optimistic about 3D.


Good points but I had assumed 3D would be more advanced than what we see today in cinema, correct? And, if we could create the effect without the need for the glasses then surely that's a step in a good direction?

HolyOrangeCows3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago ) can bring Glover 2 to the PS3 in 3D, then, right? :)

Or maybe PocketBike Racer 2, LOL.

Therealspy033152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

didn't sony already admit that ps3 would be an inferior 3d player? that it would have to sacrifice quality to get the effect?

maybe i misunderstood...even if i didn't, i'd get nothing but disagrees anyway. but just throwing it out there that it sounds like, once again, people are jumping the gun with their expectations.
if they can do it, great. but i'll reserve judgement for the final product.

as far as 3D gaming goes: am i the only one who thinks it'll be about as successful as the virtual boy? i don't wanna wear glasses while i'm inside playing games or watching movies. 10 minutes into avatar, i was over the 3D and wished i could just take the glasses off. i don't see, at all, what 3d will add to the gaming experience. do i really care if i get the added effect of dust particles going in front of my face while i'm gettin head shots? not even a little. it's the latest gimmick...that's it. i was hoping other ppl wouldn't buy into it...

EDIT: love how easy it is to predict disagrees on this site. basically...praise ps3 ONLY. can't say "i'll wait and see" cuz that makes you a ms fanboy somehow and you must be disagreed with, you must lose your bubbles, and you must get your comments reported for being spam.

i just realized something else. both sony and ms used this generation as a way to push HDTVs. they told us this was the next generation. seems to me now that we've all bought HDTVs, Sony is now adding 3d to help push even more Bravia's. but hey, MS is the only company that does anything sinister. Sony is probably going to use the revenue generated from moving 3D tvs to feed the homeless.

Chris_TC3152d ago

"I guess Sony wasn't kidding about next Gen not starting until they say so, Lol!"

Except 1080p+ 3D has already been happening for over a year courtesy of nVidia.

Mr Logic3152d ago

I would love it if people like you actually knew what they were talking about. When someone says "Gen, Next Gen, etc." They are only talking about the CONSOLES, because PC is always improving and has no leaps like console generations.

gamingisnotacrime3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Conventional thinking would have been to launch a whole new console with 3d capabilities, PS3 owners get this with the push of a button.
The value of the PS3 (even after buying a 2nd one due to YLOD -_-) is incredible. BluRay, WiFi, Free Online Gaming, Cell Powered Games, Heavy Rain (lol), im just too pleased with my console. If i have the money to buy a PS4 at launch i will be at the midnight line under the rain, just love the PS brand

Edit at above:
I dont know how or in what context PCs fit into console discussion. PC gamers sure can enjoy some sweet horsepower, i would like to have the money to build my rig and go all out, but that is another topic. Generations in console gaming has nothing to do with PC gaming

MNicholas3152d ago

Bloody incredible.

I still don't want to buy a PS3. Maybe when GT5 comes out.

It's just going to waste too much of my time.

BTW, for gaming, 3D does come at a cost. Sony's 3D is real 3D so it's literally computing each frame twice. Can I put up with a 3D GT5 running at 480P? I don't know.

RageAgainstTheMShine3152d ago

this generation: Xbox360. Wii & PS3 = 2007-2012 @ 55-60 million units installed base

next generation: nextXbox, next Nintendo & PS3 = 2012-2017 @ an unbeatable $200.00 price point including the Playstation Move, 3D games & movie player.

ChrisW3152d ago

Ho-hum... I'll stick to my PC for 3D gaming experiences. As for movies, seriously, movie theaters are the only good place to watch 3D movies.

BloodyNapkin3152d ago

Well actually 3d has been around for quite sometime, ASUS VR-100 LCD 3D glasses came out in 1999 i believe and work fairly well but after long periods would give you a headache.

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Claudinho693153d ago

it only does 2 generations


Pure technology of Quality.

morkendo3152d ago

if ps3 is the introduction of 3D gaming imagine how ps4 be with 3D!!!! be some funky shee-it!!!

tripewire3152d ago

I really really hope that Ken Katuragi still has a giant say in what tech goes into the ps4. My biggest fear is that Sony does a Microsoft and goes with a less developed console. The PS3 seems (with the exception of losing Other Os support) to be blooming like a sweet 3DHD flower.

BloodyNapkin3152d ago

Well to bad i was using 3d tech on the PC over 10 years ago. With Tv's coming out and the PS3 going to allow 3d gaming and movies it will just push it to the masses more.

remanutd553152d ago

God of War 3 in 3D ... OH MAN !!!!!!!!!

evilmonkey5013152d ago

I don't think that one will be getting the 3d treatment, but hopefully I'm wrong.

jellybalboa3152d ago

by the gods, yes, i shall embrace gow in 3d

mushroomwig3152d ago

Don't get me wrong this is a great achivement but it's not exactly putting the PS3 into the next generation, 3D gaming on the PS3 will require a downgrade in resolution (for example Wipeout HD will be downscaled to 720p instead of 1080p).

Next generation console will give us 3D in beyond 1080p resolutions. :)

cmrbe3152d ago

cost an arm and a leg. The point is the PS3 is going to be on the market and revelent for much longer than both the wii and x360. The future of the PS3 is secure and Sony is on their way to sell 100 million PS3 in 10 years.

By the time MS puts out the x720 the PS3 will be dirt cheap and does and have most of what the x720 has. What are MS going to use for storage?. Let me guess umm....Blu-ray?. What will it have?. Lets see 3d in HD like the PS3?. lol!. Yes 1080p 3d and 720p 3d are different but the price difference will make that irrevelent to mass consumers.

BloodyNapkin3152d ago

Well i understand you trying to poke fun at the 360 or MS. But Ms has showed alot of interest in this Nanotech. And what you think 3d is new, i have been using that close to a decade ago on the PC.

Here is the glasses

Here is the disk tech

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