IncGamers: Dead to Rights: Retribution Review

Andy Alderson takes a look at the latest third person shooter from Bandai Namco.

"Like its inspiration, Retribution is styled as a gritty neo-noir experience, set in the oppressively grey Grant City. You take on the role of Jack Slate (think Alan Wake's polar opposite), a loose cannon detective with a penchant for violence and a complete disregard for the ru... meh, you get the picture."

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Maticus3126d ago

Was hoping for a better score but from what I've seen so far, I reckon it's about spot on. Gah.

Fyzzu3126d ago

Sounds kinda fun, in a very, very cheesy way. Seems like it'd be a good laugh, but not for full price.

thetamer3126d ago

I think it deserves a worse score

krisq3126d ago

...I think you have never played it.

AndyA3126d ago

As expected to be honest. It was never exactly an obvious candidate for a revival and this proves why.

Dorjan3126d ago

I'm watching the video now, looks good! Not worth a lowly 6!

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