Cryptic Harbors Next-Gen Plans, City of Villains developer plans new MMO titles... and targets consoles.

For a while now, twin comic-inspired MMORPG titles City of Heroes and City of Villains have been letting players dress up in brightly-colored skin-tight suits safely and discretely. With online crime-fighting and evil scheming now in place, developer Cryptic Studios is starting on new projects -- with both the PC and next-generation consoles in mind.

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TheMART5402d ago

Now these are good articles Truth. You see I am fair in admitting that. Much better!

TheXgamerLive5402d ago

I must say though, I hope that they only do NEW from scratch next gen. titles and no ports. He did say new so let's count on that.

Sphinx5402d ago

...make a new City of Heroes, but not a polished port. OR, come up with original stuff!

RelloC5399d ago

sorry, i personally though both CoH and CoV blew. I could care less if those guys make anything ever again.