Crysis 2 Box Art Released, Reveals New Details

Today's updated box art may not be the final design, but does reveal a couple of previously unannounced and particularly interesting facts about the game. Firstly, it seems that Crytek are intending to deliver a very maturely themed title, with the expectation that Crysis 2 will receive a PEGI 18 certificate in Europe.

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kevco333103d ago

I like the image, they've used it on a lot of promotional materials, but I'm not sure about using it as the box art. It looks to generic for those not in the know...

Shaman3102d ago

Maybe they should point out with big letters on box:"BE AWARE,WE ARE PUSHING CONSOLES TO MAX"

Anyway,i doubt this is final box art,it looks cool and all but not THAT good.What matters the most is that game will own.

HolyOrangeCows3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

"Maybe they should point out with big letters on box:'BE AWARE,WE ARE PUSHING CONSOLES TO MAX'"

That would be false advertisement.
Crysis 2 console screen:
If that was pushing the consoles, then it would be because the coding is garbage.

NateNater3103d ago

I think this would have been better for the box art.

kevco333103d ago

Yeah, that's a lot better. But it's still a bit generic, even the whole "moody soldier in monotone" box art trend that we've had lately is better than this.

BlackKnight3102d ago

PC version is still using DVD! The graphics will be horrible!


HolyOrangeCows3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

The device that the data is being read from has nothing to do with the processing of the graphics, and some people are not in that understanding.

Hilarious stuff, ol' chap.

rafael053102d ago

That was really funny Blacknight!!

TheIneffableBob3102d ago

I don't like it. The character (is he still Nomad?) looks like a worm.

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The story is too old to be commented.