Call of Duty 4 50% Off on Steam

Steam has slashed 50% off of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare through Sunday as part of its Weekend Deal promotion.

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GrieverSoul3099d ago

The best CoD game ever!!
Great oportunity for those who havent bought it yet.

peeps3099d ago

:D i knew waiting would pay off. played this for consoles etc, but always fancied giving it a go on pc because i figured the gameplay would have slightly different pacing when using a k&m + this cod actually had some cool mods lol

so for me i'm quite happy to pay £10

evrfighter3099d ago

Id like to own it on steam but I have two cd keys already :(

Riv4L3099d ago

Add Cod4 as a non-steam game, then if you run it from steam you should be able to use the in-game overlay.
If your quarrel with not owning it on steam was about the inability to use the steam overlay.

peeps3099d ago

ok, my excitement for playing this game again has been destroyed by the amount of cheaters playing the pc version of this game. Only had chance for a few games but all but one game contained someone using an aimbot. just ruins the game completely. hopefully i was just really unlucky and it isn't a widespread problem

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